An In-Depth Look at the Shiba Inu Ecosystem

Today’s crypto world resembles a constantly developing ocean of new tokens, coins, platforms, NFTs, and Metaverses. We’re happy to see the crypto adoption worldwide, though, in this whole new world, it might be hard sometimes to keep up with all the updates of your favorite crypto and remember the original purpose. In this article, we … Read more

Maximize the Security of Your Account With 2FA

“Security is protection from, or resilience against, potential harm (or other unwanted coercive change) caused by others, by restraining the freedom of others to act” – this is a common definition of security. Right now the crypto world is expanding enormously and this is great news, but at the same time, the risks of getting … Read more

What’s Crypto Collateral? How Collateral Works?

Cryptocurrency collateral

What’s Cryptocurrency Collateral? Collateral, as we know it in the traditional banking system, can be something of value that a borrower gives to the lender (in this case, the bank) as a pledge to secure repayment of the loan. In digital currency, the borrower pledges crypto collateral to the lender in exchange for stablecoin or … Read more

CoinRabbit Affiliate Program Explained

At CoinRabbit we believe that global crypto adoption is one of the most important goals. That way, we are proud to be the first platform in the market supporting multiple cryptocurrencies such as NANO and provide their passionate communities with different crypto lending tools and opportunities to adjust to any crypto market conditions. While remaining … Read more

CoinRabbit Limited Time Offer: Zero Additional Fees

Wondering what do to next? Is it a good time to “HODL” or do something else? Do you believe that the market goes up or down next? CoinRabbit provides you with different types of loans for both cryptocurrency market cases. During this highly volatile time we at CoinRabbit decided to provide our clients with the … Read more