Why to get a loan in Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin is frequently used as collateral in crypto loans: people want to make some instant profit from BTC lying in their wallets. Hodling Bitcoin has been quite profitable to date, and selling it today to turn a quick profit doesn’t look like a wise idea in the long term. That’s why people bring their Bitcoin … Read more

Crypto Tax Regulations in 2021

Cryptocurrency and taxation may sound incompatible: decentralized digital currency was inspired by libertarian ideas and the wish to minimize government and bank influence in finance. However, 11 years after the Bitcoin creation, we have a crypto market that is subject to regulations and even taxation. This might have been a nightmare for the early crypto … Read more

What is Crypto Arbitrage? The Beginner’s Guide

Crypto arbitrage is when you buy an asset at one place and then sell it at another where it costs more. This is a relatively low-risk way to profit from crypto, and that’s why it’s preferred by many.  With the inception of the blockchain-based loan industry, crypto lending arbitrage opportunity has also emerged. This one … Read more

Coronavirus and Crypto Market

The year 2020, has been greatly eventful. From threats of a world war, to increased terrorist attacks. A biography on the life of the year 2020, would not only be a bestseller but also an excellent read. However the most significant single event of this year is and has been the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, at … Read more

How to Make Money if Bitcoin Falls?

The crypto market is now on the rise, and the long-term upward trend is very likely to continue. However, there is also evidence that BTC and ETH may lose up to 20% of their price in the short term. This is a normal reaction of the market — and a chance for you to profit … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of DeFi and CeFi Crypto Platforms

Defi and Cefi are popular acronyms for decentralized finance and centralized finance. Of late, both these platform-types have expanded their popularity riding on the back of a new range of solutions enabled by a wide variety of digital assets. Before moving into the comparative benefits and drawbacks of these platforms, let us have a quick … Read more

Why is it necessary not to hodl your crypto?

The term “hodling” is not a misspelling. In the crypto-vocabulary, hodling implies holding your cryptocurrency for a longer time. Owing to the high volatility of crypto prices, investors often consider hodling as a credible strategy to make considerable gains in the long run. But, is it at all necessary?  Given the staggering rise in the … Read more

All-time high! The Right Decision to Increase Your Profit

Smashing all previous bitcoin price predictions, the most well-known cryptocurrency experienced an outstanding bull run this year. While the indicator for ‘1 bitcoin to dollar’ was dwindling at a mark below 4,000 in March 2020, the value of bitcoin crossed the 19,000 dollar mark by the time it was the first week of December 2020. … Read more