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Borrow Against Pitbull


The loan-to-value ratio is the related difference between the loan amount and the current market value of the collateral. The higher the LTV, the more loan funds you will receive, but at the same time the margin call will be higher.


Loan Term

Borrow Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The loan term depends only on your wish to buy your collateral back and close this loan or on reaching the liquidation limit.


Monthly Interest

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Interest rate is accrued every month from the moment of getting the loan and is paid at the moment of full or partial repayment of the loan

20%% APR

How to Lend Pitbull

We make it easy to get and manage your crypto loan.

Calculate your crypto loan

Set up your loan using Pitbull cryptocurrency as a collateral option, then confirm it with your email address and your payout stablecoin address where you’d like to receive your funds.

Get crypto loan within minutes

Send us the collateral and we will send you the loan amount on any crypto wallet without any delays and additional checks.

Start spending

Use your loan as long as you want. We will just draw your attention on the rate of your collateral currency in time.

Get back your Pitbull

At any moment you can pay your collateral back. To do this, you need to pay the full price of Repayment, and when we get it, we return your collateral.

What is a Pitbull coin?

Pitbull is a auto-staking token that had its ownership renounced and burnt LP given to the community from the beginning of its creation.

What is a PIT Loan?

A PIT loan is the loan borrowed against PIT cryptocurrency as collateral. Here’s how it works: you bring some cryptocurrency Pitbull to a lending service, leave it there temporarily as collateral, and get an amount of a certain cryptocurrency in return. On CoinRabbit PIT lending, we lend stablecoins such as Tether USDT, USD Coin and BUSD.

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What you should know

What is PIT used for?IconPlus

Pitbull (PIT) has a fairly well-developed ecosystem by the standards of a meme coin. Thus far, it has developed several use cases, with more coming in its detailed roadmap: The PitFarm will allow users to stake liquidity tokens for points, which can then be redeemed for Pitbull NFTs. NFTs will be tradeable on the marketplace, with funds going towards marketing (15%), shelter donations (15%), the PIT liquidity pool (60%) and the minting and designing process (10%). PitSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) that simplifies the trading experience for PIT investors and is set to become a full-on ecosystem that supports staking, farming, and other decentralized finance (DeFi) features. PitTracker, which is used to keep track of their PIT token holdings and auto-staking profits. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s many more use cases of $PIT.

Why should you consider a PIT loan?IconPlus

  • Profit from volatility – CoinRabbit loans remain fixed no matter the exchange rate of the collateral currency.
  • Make a huge purchase and continue holding – The crypto loan allows you to enjoy the value of the invested fiat money while inflation permanently decreases it. Today the same amount values more than tomorrow. Therefore, when you take out a crypto loan against PIT, you keep all your PIT assets but gain extra funds to spend today, as we all know that tomorrow your wishes will be more expensive 😉
  • Tax optimization – Some countries require you to pay up to 40% on your crypto investment profits. There is no direct profit in a loan transaction. So you can take a loan and maximize your tax efficiency without worrying about taxes.
  • Technique for managing risks – Rather than holding PIT tokens and risking the unpredictable fluctuations of the crypto markets, crypto investors now have the opportunity to utilise their investments as collateral for a PIT loan.

How does PIT loan work?IconPlus
Pitbull lending is a service that issues loans with Pitbull cryptocurrency collateral for a yearly interest. The interest can vary from 10% up to 18% and more. There is no credit history and no credit checks — the only way you prove your credibility is the collateral you’re ready to provide. It will be temporarily stored in a lending service making sure you will repay your Pitbull loan.
How quickly can I get a crypto loan? How quickly will you refund me the collateral?IconPlus
Usually, getting an instant PIT loan takes no longer than 10 minutes. Since there are no credit checks, it’s that fast. The longest part of getting a loan is waiting for the confirmation of your Pitbull transaction. The collateral will be refunded instantly whenever you come back to repay your loan. You can do it when you want: in a month, in a year, or in many years — our loan period is limitless. Enjoy your money as long as you need.
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