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Get a loan in cryptocurrency on our secure crypto lending platform
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Borrow Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

If you think that the market is about to grow or you are ready to sit for a long position, then this type of loan is most suitable. Get a loan, make a profit on the rise, then get back your collateral.


Loan Term

Borrow Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The loan term depends only on your wish to buy your collateral back and close this loan or on reaching the liquidation limit.


Annual Interest Rate

how to borrow cryptocurrency

Interest rate is accrued every month from the moment of getting the loan and is paid at the moment of closing the loan.

- (- APR)*

Liquidation price

Get a loan in cryptocurrency on our secure crypto lending platform

The collateral currency liquidation rate defines at which market price your collateral will be automatically sold.

- /
*Service fees: 0 for loans longer than 30 days, otherwise -
You get

How to Lend USDC Coin

We make it easy to get and manage your loan.


Calculate your loan

Set up your loan using USDC Coin as a collateral option, then confirm it with your phone number as the main contact channel and your payout stablecoin address where you’d like to receive your funds.


Get loan within minutes

Send us the collateral and we will send you the loan amount on your payout address without any delays and additional checks.


Start spending

Use your loan as long as you want. We will just draw your attention on the rate of your collateral currency in time.


Get back your USDC Coin

At any moment you can pay your collateral back. To do this, you need to pay the full price of Repayment, and when we get it, we return your collateral.

What is USDC Coin?

So what is USDC crypto? USDC coin is a stablecoin that derives its value from the US dollar. Typically, USDC Coin HODLers can always redeem a USDC coin for a dollar. This stablecoin is a project offered by the Coinbase exchange platform.

The USDC coin has unique features that set it apart from other stablecoins. Other than being relatively stable and backed by the dollar, USDC Cryptocurrency is an Ethereum token; therefore, it allows you to store it in an Ethereum based wallet. Additionally, USDC was designed to facilitate effortless transactions of US dollars in a global spectrum.

What is a USDC loan?

A USDC loan is a form of crypto loan offered to crypto users in the form of USDC coin upon depositing other valid cryptocurrencies as collateral. Many crypto loan platforms accept BTC, ETH, and BCH as their main collateral options. However, at CoinRabbit, users are allowed to deposit several cryptocurrencies as collateral; the list is ever-expanding; however, as of now, CoinRabbit accepts BTC, ETH, XRP, DOGE, NANO, and BCH as collateral options, with several cryptocurrencies scheduled to join the list.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and USDC?

Bitcoin and USDC have fundamental differences; BTC relies on blockchain 1.0 while USDC is based on the Ethereum blockchain that runs on Blockchain 2.0.

Also, BTC is mined, while USDC is a token issued upon purchasing a token from an approved user.

USDT tokens are issued when an equivalent amount in dollars is stored in reserves as collateral. The user can then redeem the USDT token for the same amount of fiat currency in dollars. If you already know how to buy a USDC coin or already HODL USDT cryptocurrency, you may find reasons to take a USDC loan.

Why take a USDC loan?

There are several benefits of USDC coin loans. Cryptocurrencies have become more than just currency; there are crypto markets where trading happens similar to the stock markets. Therefore, USDC coins borrowing can give crypto investors several advantages such as;

USDC cryptocurrency can allow you to minimize your risks of being liquidated whenever your collateral reduces in value.

USDC coin loans allow inventors to take advantage of short-selling opportunities. For instance, crypto hedging allows profit for investors who do it right.

HODLing cryptocurrencies allow investors to reduce the amount of tax they are supposed to pay; this is an intelligent way of managing your taxes.

USDC coin loans can be used to perform day-to-day financial duties without losing your collateral.

USDC cryptocurrency loans on CoinRabbit are easy to access, with no registration required.

What you should know about USDC loans?

USDC loans at CoinRabbit are offered to users who can deposit other cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies are stored safely as collateral and are refundable as soon as loan repayment is completed.

CoinRabbit is a credible loaning platform that offers a wide range of collateral options. The USDC coin loans are offered at 10% APR, with flexible repayment plans

USDC Coin Loan Advantages on CoinRabbit

  • CoinRabbit offers incredible loan terms to its users, making it one of the most lucrative crypto lending platforms today. At CoinRabbit, investors are only charged a 10% Annual Percent Return on their loans, as opposed to 10% - 15% rates charged on other platforms. However, this is an offer for early adopters who would like to take USDC loans.
  • Additionally, you get to enjoy the privilege of tracking the loan processing stages on the website. At CoinRabbit, you do not need to register to get a loan, and your credit history is not essential. As long as you have the collateral amount, you can always get USDC loans.

Learn more about USDC Coin loans

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What you should know

How does USDC lending work?


USDС lending works differently on different websites; however, the standard procedure involves using mainstream cryptocurrencies used as collateral for loans. This then offers enough security to stablecoin lenders who rely on collateral as security.

Loans are usually issued out in the form of USDC, which explains why they are referred to as USDC loans.

How does USDC lending work on CoinRabbit?


At CoinRabbit, the process isn’t entirely different, except that it is swift and straightforward. USDC loans take about 5 to 15 mins to be processed. CoinRabbit ensures that they notify you about the status of your collateral currency to plan or avoid liquidation.

What if the collateral’s currency rate changes after I get a USDC loan?


CoinRabbit refunds the exact amount of collateral deposited to its users as long as the loan repayment is completed, including the 10% APR.

How to loan USDC?


Head over to Coinrabbit’s USDC loan page, and Enter the amount of collateral you want to deposit. The loan calculator will give you the exact amount of loan amount that you will receive in the form of USDC. Click confirm, and you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll Enter your USDC address and phone number and click Get Loan. From there, your loan will be processed within minutes.

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