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Ripple Loan Calculator


The loan-to-value ratio is the related difference between the loan amount and the current market value of the collateral. The higher the LTV, the more loan funds you will receive, but at the same time the margin call will be higher.


Loan Term

Borrow Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The loan term depends only on your wish to buy your collateral back and close this loan or on reaching the liquidation limit.


Monthly Interest

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Interest rate is accrued every month from the moment of getting the loan and is paid at the moment of full or partial repayment of the loan

20%% APR

How to Lend Ripple

We make it easy to get and manage your crypto loan.

Calculate your crypto loan

Set up your loan using Ripple as a collateral option, then confirm it with your phone number as the main contact channel and your payout stablecoin address where you’d like to receive your funds.

Get crypto loan within minutes

Send us the collateral and we will send you the loan amount onyour payout address without any delays and additional checks.

Start spending

Use your loan as long as you want. We will just draw your attention on the rate of your collateral currency in time.

Get back your Ripple

At any moment you can pay your collateral back. To do this, you need to pay the full price of Repayment, and when we get it, we return your collateral.

What is a Ripple Loan?

XRP is also known as the Ripple project is one of the most consistent cryptocurrencies in the market today. According to some cryptocurrency analysts, Ripple has one of the greatest potentials of increasing in value. Currently, XRP has a market cap of about $ 47 million.

XRP is a token of value that is used to represent transactions made on the Ripple network. XRP offers several incentives to its users that other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin don’t offer. For instance, with XRP, you get to enjoy reduced transaction fees, as well as faster transactions, unlike with Bitcoin. CoinRabbit intends to offer XRP lending as a significant addition to its portfolio of loans.

What is an XRP loan?

XRP loans are loans that are offered to XRP crypto HODLers in form of USDT and USDC and other stablecoins. For instance, you may have XRP that you wish to hold for longer, however, you are in need of some cryptocurrency to spend.

In this scenario, you can take advantage of online crypto loan platforms such as CoinRabbit. CoinRabbit allows you to use your XRP cryptocurrency as collateral for your loan. As of today, the platform offers a wide range of crypto coins that can be used as collateral such as BTC, ETH, XNO, and XRP among others. Additionally, their official website mentions that they have plans to incorporate several other collateral options to give as much flexibility to their customers as possible.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and XRP?

Bitcoin has been known as the benchmark for all cryptocurrencies and although some cryptocurrencies have emerged with what they call improvements to the Bitcoin technology, Bitcoin remains the most valuable cryptocurrency. XRP is a cryptocurrency with a total coin supply of 100 billion while Bitcoin is capped at 21 million. XRP typically trumps Bitcoin with its impressive transaction speed, generally, XRP records an average transaction speed of 10 seconds while Bitcoin transactions average 10 minutes.

Additionally, XRP was created for banks and other financial institutions as a means to reduce transaction fees involved in money transfers, currency exchanges, and payment settlements. On the other hand, Bitcoin was developed to facilitate the process of purchasing goods and services digitally.

Why take an XRP loan?

Crypto loans have been used for different purposes by crypto investors. Today, there are several crypto enthusiasts who take crypto loans as a form of managing their investment risks. For instance,XRP lending allows investors to deposit their XRP to secure crypto loaning platforms like CoinRabbit in exchange for a loan amount in the form of USDT or USDC. Below are some benefits of XRP loans.

- Taking out an XRP loan allows you to minimize your risk in case the cryptocurrency fluctuates.

- You get to enjoy significantly low-interest rates on your loan.

- Allows whales to minimize taxes legally.

- XRP loans allow crypto investors to practice crypto hedging or short selling as a means of mitigating investment risks.

XRP loan advantages at CoinRabbit

CoinRabbit is one of the most credible crypto loan services in the market today. It offers crypto users a wide range of crypto loans while also ensuring favorable rates. Currently, the platform offers a lifetime deal on XRP loans that only charges a 14% Annual Percentage Return on your loan. This is a lucrative deal that is only available for early adopters of the XRP lending platform.

The platform offers other incredible XRP loan features such as

- Swift XRP loan processing

- Zero background checks for previous credit history and credit scores.

- 14% APR for early adopters on XRP loans

- Flexible repayment plans that can last as long as you want.

- Transparency in XRP loan processing and quick reimbursement of collateral once the loan is fully paid.

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What you should know

How does XRP lending work?IconPlus

XRP lending works differently on different loan platforms. However, it has never been any easier as it is on the CoinRabbit platform. All you need to do is deposit a certain amount of XRP that allows you to take stablecoins as loans.

Once you enter the amount of XRP you want to use as collateral, the loan calculator will give you the exact amount you will receive in USDT.

How does XRP lending work on CoinRabbit?IconPlus

Coinrabbit only asks for your USDT or USDC address and phone number for loan disbursement. You determine the amount of XRP you are willing to deposit, the system will calculate the amount you’ll receive in stablecoin. Also, the loan amount received will be charged an APR of 14%.

What if the collateral’s currency rate changes after I get a XRP loan?IconPlus

At CoinRabbit, the collateral's value at the time of repayment or buyback doesn't affect the amount of XRP loan repayment. You will receive your collateral amount as it was initially for the loan amount plus 14% APR.

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