The Most Impactful DigiByte Crypto Influencers of 2023

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2023)


Community is the heart and soul of every crypto project, providing a foundation for a project’s growth and success. Building a strong community should be a top priority for every crypto project. Community not only helps with promotion, but also shares ideas which can help develop the product. 

DigiByte succeeded with building a great community. DGB fans not only interact with each other on social media, they build whole organizations to help promote their favorite platform, help and encourage other members of the DGB Community.

Today we want to honor 6 of the most influential DigiByte community members. They contributed to build an amazing community, spread awareness, and educate about the project. 

Top 6 DigiByte Influencers

CRYPTY (@cryptygirl)

CRYPTY is a DGB Awareness Team core member and owner of crypto-themed clothing brand. She is truly dedicated to developing DigiByte and the community. CRYPTY also put a lot of effort into promoting the DGB Alliance, which is a non-profitable organization facilitating collective development contribution, education, and infrastructure support to DigiByte. Besides that, CRYPTY is also well educated in crypto and generously shares her knowledge in her posts, lives and interviews.


Master of Leadership (@AmoreLoveAmor)

Master of Leadership is a DGB Awareness Team core member and plays a major role in the DGB promotion on Twitter. He is most famous for creating amazing DigiByte assets that are in high demand among the community. He also keeps followers informed about the latest DigiByte news.

Laura Taylor (@LTLovesdigi)

Laura Taylor is a Co-Founder and Vice President of DigiByte Alliance. Before starting DGB Alliance, Laura got a master’s degree in mathematics and was DigiByte’s core adviser. She had a lot of impact on spreading awareness about DigiByte. She is committed to educating people about DGB and developing the project. On her twitter account Laura shares her thoughts on DigiByte, Blockchain and Decentralization, which many find helpful.


Bad Uncle Time Traveler (@Johnathanknt)

Bad Uncle Time Traveler is not affiliated with DigiByte and related projects, but he still has a lot of impact on the community. He is probably the most entertaining DGB influencer on Twitter. But not only jokes make DGB enthusiasts follow and appreciate him. On his account Johnathan regularly posts price charts of DGB and shares his thoughts on the potential crypto trends.


Michelle Dougherty (@michelle_dgb)

Michelle Dougherty is Co-Founder and President of DGB Alliance. Michelle is a professional lawyer who advises DigiByte Community for a long time. But her expertise goes beyond only the law. Through her Twitter account Michelle shares her views on Blockchain technologies, giving a lot of valuable insights on DigiByte.


Rudy Bouwman (@RudyBouwman)

Rudy Bouwman is the founder and Chief Operations Officer at DigiCorp Labs. Rudy helped create the community from scratch and still has a lot of influence on it. And this is not surprising, considering his level of expertise. He advises the community and shares his vision and ideas on the industry.

Bottom Line

DigiByte Community is full of amazing influencers, content-creators, experts from legal, finances and Blockchain. Every member of the community is important and helps to develop the project and community forward.

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