What is JASMY coin and how to borrow against it?

Jasmi coin blog

The internet has revolutionized the way we work, play and live. From a digital blueprint crafted by coders, it’s evolved into an entire digital economy. Corporations often monopolize our access to the net through their centralized systems – collecting data and using it to generate profits. This is where the advent of blockchain technology brings … Read more

YouHodler Alternatives: YouHodler VS CoinRabbit


Are you looking for the right crypto-backed loan platform? With a multitude of options out there, selecting one can seem daunting. However, two notable ones that have recently become more popular are YouHodler and CoinRabbit. Each provide similar services, but also have their own distinguishing traits and advantages. In this blog post, we’ll be taking … Read more

Zcash Price Prediction: Expert Analysis and Forecast for ZEC’s Future

Zcash Price Prediction

Zcash provides user anonymity and secure transactions using advanced cryptographic technologies. It uses zk-SNARKs technology. With its help, you can make transactions without disclosing any information. ZEC has become very popular and is widely used by many miners. The main goal of Zcash is to provide every person with the opportunity for complete confidentiality of … Read more

Cryptocurrency Consultant: Demystify Crypto and Empower Your Financial Journey

cryprocurrency consultant

The rise of cryptocurrencies is opening new doors to our financial options, but knowing literally every feature is almost impossible. This is where a cryptocurrency consultant comes to the rescue. This is the person who will help empower your financial journey. In this blog article, we will discuss what cryptocurrency consultant services are, why they … Read more

Crypto loan without collateral: is it good?

crypto loan without collateral

The world of finance, in general, has always been based on trust, and collateral is a necessary element that forms the basis of the trusting relationship between a borrower and a lender. In the traditional banking world, collateral typically consists of real estate, cars, land, or other valuable assets. In the crypto world, however, collateral … Read more

5 Tips on How to Avoid Crypto Scams

how to aviod crypto scams

Throughout history, rogues have consistently existed in every era. In the 20th century, people were lured into currency pyramids, deceived in markets, horse races, auctions, etc. The 21st century, with its abundance of opportunities, has made it possible to earn money not only for honest people, but also for scammers. CoinRabbit offers crypto loans so … Read more

Crypto Challenge: Test Your Knowledge with the Crypto Quiz!

crypto quiz

We talk a lot here about crypto loans, different coins, cryptonews and ways to attract profit. But this time let’s just have fun and test our strength! The more we know about cryptocurrency, the more correctly we use its advantages. CoinRabbit has prepared an exciting crypro quiz for you! If you are new to the … Read more

Best crypto movies about blockchain and cryptocurrency

crypto movie

Since the introduction of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, movies about these digital assets have gained increasing popularity. Due to this, a growing number of documentaries and films about Bitcoin and its effects on the global economy have been released in recent years, and continue to be released today. What are the best crypto movie to … Read more

What is XRP– full Ripple guide for enthusiasts

What is XRP

Are you curious about XRP, the revolutionary cryptocurrency? Delve into this article to uncover the ins and outs of what is XRP, its unique features, and the technology behind it. Learn how XRP is transforming cross-border payments and its potential impact on the future of global finance. Join us as we explore what makes XRP … Read more

How to stay on top of taxes on crypto loans?

Unlocking the potential of cryptocurrencies has revolutionized the way we think about money. With its decentralized nature and secure technology, it’s no wonder that many are diving headfirst into the world of crypto.  But as with any financial endeavor, taxes come into play. Yes, even in the exciting realm of digital currencies, tax obligations cannot … Read more