Can You Buy a House With Bitcoin?

A growing number of companies now offer to buy goods and services for cryptocurrency. Though it’s still a challenge to buy something major, say, a house or a car. But not for our clients. One of our client’s recent reviews is exactly about this kind of purchase. He bought a house using Bitcoin, but didn’t … Read more

Stablecoins vs Bitcoin. What’s Better for Crypto Loans?

Why Bitcoin is not enough? What are the drawbacks even of the most trusted, large and secure cryptocurrencies?  First of all, it’s their volatility. The price of Bitcoin or Ethereum can drop or surge by 5-10%, and sometimes even 15-20% in one day. For some, it provides an opportunity to take quick profits. But for … Read more

What is the Easiest Way to Get Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is currently one of the most lucrative forms of investment in today’s technology-focused world. Six months ago, 1 Bitcoin was roughly worth $10,543, but today it is worth nearly $56, 000 representing an 81% increase in price. It doesn’t take rocket science to see how lucrative the investment has become. However, despite Bitcoin surging … Read more

How to lend Bitcoin?

Get BTC loan

Hold Bitcoin or just want to make money? It doesn’t matter, because both of these tasks can be successfully performed and multiply your funds even in BTK equivalent, even in fiat.
In this article, you will learn how you can use BTC loans and make money on them using the bitcoin lending platform.

What is a Bitcoin Loan?

What is a Bitcoin loan?

A Bitcoin loan is a type of cryptocurrency loan issued upon depositing Bitcoin as the loan collateral. When considering the latest trends in the crypto world, there is a need to provide crypto loan services to crypto users. In the conventional banking system, people can take out loans using their assets, and since Bitcoin is … Read more

5 Awesome Facts about Bitcoin. More than pizza!


It’s difficult to deny how monumental bitcoin’s rise has been, whether you’re a diehard bitcoin supporter or you can’t quit shouting mania.  Here are five unbelievable facts about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that you should know for your investment purposes, to please your mates, or just to grasp what bitcoin is and why it’s gaining popularity. … Read more

How to Borrow Bitcoin on CoinRabbit Platform

Bitcoin’s massive adoption as a means of exchange has seen its value continue to rise over the years. After long being shunned by traditional financial firms and institutional investors, Bitcoin and other cryptos such as Ethereum seem to increasingly enter the mainstream market as a payment vehicle and an asset. Even so, there has been … Read more

Bitcoin vs Gold. Future of Bitcoin and Gold

Lately, you might have seen on the news about the funds moving from gold into Bitcoin. Does that mean that the precious metal is weakening and giving way to the first cryptocurrency? Will Bitcoin replace gold as the common safe haven asset?  In short, we can’t say for sure yet. There is strong growth in … Read more