Can You Buy a House With Bitcoin?

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A growing number of companies now offer to buy goods and services for cryptocurrency. Though it’s still a challenge to buy something major, say, a house or a car. But not for our clients.

One of our client’s recent reviews is exactly about this kind of purchase. He bought a house using Bitcoin, but didn’t actually sell it. Intriguing, huh? Let’s find out what he told us:

I heard about CoinRabbit by searching on Google for best companies for crypto loans. Your company name kept appearing atop or near atop lists. I also liked your options and simple process.
I’m closing on a new house in a few days. I didn’t want to cash out my BTC at this time…hence the loan–which we hope to pay off within a few weeks when another, less-liquid asset of ours is sold.

This way, our client used a crypto loan to avoid selling an asset that could still increase in value and to buy a house faster. He took out a BTC loan and received the funds within 15 minutes to the wallet of his choice. By the way, you can withdraw funds not only in stablecoins, but also in fiat currency thanks to our partnership with Guardarian.

After the successful sale of a less liquid asset, our client repaid the crypto loan and returned his Bitcoin. During the time his Bitcoin was pledged, it managed to grow in value, but the amount of the BTC loan payout remained unchanged. Isn’t it great?

For What Else Can You Take Out a Crypto Loan?

Our client wisely used his Bitcoin funds and decided not to wait to fulfill his dream and buy the desired home. It was a big purchase, which is one of the reasons to use a crypto loan.
  • Buy more crypto. You can continue to hold on to your crypto investments and get additional funds to invest in other coins.
  • Optimize taxes. Getting a crypto loan and its spending – are non-taxable events because they do not generate direct earnings.
  • Invest in your business. Get extra liquidity to boost your company’s growth. Cover your operating expenses or increase your departments. It’s entirely your choice.

How to Get a Loan Using Bitcoin as Collateral?

Visit our home page and use the calculator to estimate how many stablecoins you can get using your Bitcoins assets as collateral:
Enter the address you want the funds to be transferred to and verify the phone number to have access to a personal area. Be sure to check all the data entered correctly:
Send your Bitcoin collateral to the given address. A few minutes later you will have your loan!
Thanks to our recent partnership with Guardarian, you now have the opportunity to exchange your stablecoin loan into fiat money:

What’s Next?

You can freely dispose of the received funds without any hassle about the timing of its payment. We have an unlimited loan period, so you can lend Bitcoin for several weeks, months, or even years. To get your collateral back, all you need to do is to pay the stablecoin amount owed + 12% APR + a transaction fee.