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Our fave 6 Verge Influencers to follow on Twitter

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Verge is a blockchain known for its impressive privacy features. XVG is the native currency of Verge. Low fees, fast transactions speed and anonymity make it perfectly designed for everyday purchases. XVG is a fairly popular asset with used extensively by thousands of people.

It’s also important to mention that Verge is a community driven currency. It’s a 100% open-source project, ran by volunteer community members and dedicated individuals who wish to make a difference in the world.

As a result, Verge has a great community of people who support and promote XVG through the social media channels. Some of them are particularly notable and can be considered real Verge influencers. Here is the list of our fave 6 Verge Influencers to follow to know more about this project.


Justin Vendetta is the founder of XVG. Justin shares tweets about the latest developments of the Verge project and whole project updates. Additionally, you’ll find there some advices of using crypto safely. He doesn’t twit dozens of posts daily, but each post is very interesting and valuable for crypto community.

Mark Wittenberg


Mark Wittenberg is the Business Development Strategist of the Verge currency. He is the influencer with the largest audience in the Verge community – at the date of writing this article 236.7K followers. Mark’s tweets contain interesting and important insights about XVG currency, Verge blockchain itself and latest updates in the whole industry.

CityBoi 🌞

CityBoi 🌞 is a Graphic Designer and Verge Currency core team member. If you want to understand the Verge project a little bit deeper, we highly suggest reading his thread about “Verge and the misconceptions many people have about the project and $XVG”. He also shares all posts related to Verge updates, so you will never miss any important info if you follow him 😉


TranXVG is an XVG ambassador. In his twits you’ll find all news related to Verge plus interesting discussions related to crypto industry. Tran is a great guy, who always supports a dialog with his followers and Verge adopters. We absolutely in love with his “Good Morning” twits series, where he shows up with an adorable Verge cup and wishes everyone a fantastic day 🚀


Nikki is a Verge Currency core marketing team member. She shares posts related to Verge and Voice life updates, and she always lets her followers know about the latest use cases of the Verge. So, give Nikki a follow, and you will be aware of all the innovation happening on the Verge blockchain 😉


Last but not least, Verge official Twitter account. There you will find all updates, use cases and information about new partnerships related to Verge. If you want to be the first to know everything about XVG and Verge, you should subscribe to this account.


The Verge blockchain and its native currency, XVG, are supported by a large and diverse community of people. Verge is a project drove by community, and that’s its power. CoinRabbit supports XVG and wish core team and all adopters great success in XVG mass adoption.

Julia Mironova

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