What is a Bitcoin Loan?

What is a Bitcoin loan?

A Bitcoin loan is a type of cryptocurrency loan issued upon depositing Bitcoin as the loan collateral. When considering the latest trends in the crypto world, there is a need to provide crypto loan services to crypto users. In the conventional banking system, people can take out loans using their assets, and since Bitcoin is … Read more

No Longer a Meme: How to Unlock Dogecoin Hidden Potential via Crypto Loans

What are the most important things for any cryptocurrency asset? Adoption is definitely one of them. The CoinRabbit team works to provide our clients with advanced tools and ways of using their holdings, to implement additional solutions no matter what market conditions are. In this article we would like to share more insights about Dogecoin: … Read more

5 Awesome Facts about Bitcoin. More than pizza!


It’s difficult to deny how monumental bitcoin’s rise has been, whether you’re a diehard bitcoin supporter or you can’t quit shouting mania.  Here are five unbelievable facts about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that you should know for your investment purposes, to please your mates, or just to grasp what bitcoin is and why it’s gaining popularity. … Read more