Earn by lending out your USDT TRC20

There are very few options in the cryptocurrency space that allows users to earn interest by staking or lending out their stablecoins. Most stacking solutions out there are designed for speculative cryptocurrencies that have the potential to grow in value. 

USDT lending is available on selective crypto lending platforms such as CoinRabbit. These programs provide excellent opportunities for risk-averse investors to earn passive income effortlessly. 

CoinRabbit is a USDT lending platform that allows you to earn interest on USDT. The platform provides lucrative Annual Percentage Yield – APY, making it suitable for those looking for where to lend USDT TRC20, USDC, and USDT ERC20.

Earn on crypto

What is USDT TRC20?

There are several stablecoins available in the crypto space today, and USDT TRC20 is one of them. Tron USDT is essentially the USDT stablecoin issued by Tether through the Tron Network.

Tron Network is a decentralized blockchain platform with high throughput, high scalability, and high availability. 

USDT TRC20, therefore, enables interoperability with TRON-based protocols and Decentralised Applications (DApps). Similarly, it allows users to transact and exchange fiat-backed currencies across the entire TRON Network.

What is USDT Lending?

USDT lending is a program that enables users to earn stablecoin interest by lending out USDT. CoinRabbit is among the pioneers of crypto lending, and today, they provide a place to lend USDT for profits. 

It’s important to note that USDT lending at CoinRabit isn’t the equivalent of staking as in other platforms. 

Unlike staking, where you freeze your tokens for a considerably long time, CoinRabbit’s USDT lending platform gives you the flexibility to:

  • Withdraw your tokens, in whole or partially, anytime
  • Add more funds to increase your interests.
  • Open multiple accounts. 

Why is USDT the best for lending?

There are several reasons why USDT lending is the best. For instance, imagine having USDT just lying around in your wallet. This often happens because many people like to keep a good chunk of their crypto portfolio as stablecoins.

Therefore, lending out USDT offers you a chance to increase your income and earn interest on USDT through USDT lending. 

Here’s why you should lend out your Tron USDT on CoinRabbit;

  • Create passive income through your stablecoin interest.
  • Hedge against volatile market prices.
  • Earn 8% APY with interests distributed monthly.
  •  Withdraw your investment in full or partially at any time. 
Earning benefits

How to find the best platform to lend USDT TRC20?

Have you heard of DYOR? This is short for “Do Your Own Research,” a ubiquitous term in the crypto investment space. This article outlines some of the main things you need to consider before deciding where to lend USDT to crypto online. 

  • The credibility of the platform

USDT lending platforms are relatively new, and many platforms do not offer trustworthy track records. Pioneer platforms like CoinRabbit, offer proven track records backed by real user testimonials and reviews across credible review websites.

  • Security of your Deposits

Recently Polygon Network was hacked and lost nearly $600M of dollars. Hacking is a common scenario in the crypto space; therefore, it is vital to consider the security used by your platform.

CoinRabbit partners with Guarda to provide maximum security for your deposits through cold wallets that are monitored constantly.

  • Annual Percentage Yield

CoinRabbit offers 8% APY for your stablecoin interest. These rates are one of the best in the current market. 

  • Complexity and Flexibility

Unlike staking, earning interest on USDT through the lending platform USDT, you are allowed to withdraw your funds anytime. Also, you can bump up your deposits to increase your interest amounts. 

How does crypto earn work?

Crypto Earn is a program offered by CoinRabbit where you can lend USDT TRC20, USDC, and USDT ERC20 to earn interest over time. 

To take advantage of this feature, you need to have at least 100 USDT TRC20 or a similar stablecoin. 

Here is a step to step guide

  • Navigate to CoinRabbit Earn section.
  • Select USDT Tron as your preferred deposit.
  • Enter the Amount you want to deposit under the Earn Calculator and click “Start Earning.”
  • You’ll see a detailed breakdown of the APY, Monthly Reward Payout, and Yearly Reward Payout on the next page. You will be required to Enter your phone number and click “Verify.”
get your earning
  • Confirm you have read the Privacy Policy and Term of Policy by Checking the checkbox and click “Confirm.”


CoinRabbit is a USDT lending platform with an incredible opportunity to earn interest on USDT. If you are looking for a credible platform to lend out USDT, CoinRabbit is your go-to partner. With lucrative APY, flexible plans, and secure deposit storage, you won’t regret learning how to earn interest on crypto.