How To Get An Instant USDC Loan?

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Sometimes we all need some extra money that we don’t have at hand — for investing in the rapidly growing cryptocurrencies, for making especially big purchases, and so on. A traditional way to borrow money is going to a bank — however, that requires much time and paperwork, and you never know if you’ll ultimately get the money.

Taking an instant USDC loan is how you can profit from your cryptocurrency without selling it.

What is a USDC loan?

An instant USDC loan allows you to borrow some USD Coin against collateral in such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and many others.

Here’s how it works: you deposit your crypto on a lending platform that securely stores it in cold wallets, and the service sends you the USDC loan instantly. The sum of the loan depends on the service’s loan-to-value ratio — in CoinRabbit, it’s 50%, so if you deposit Bitcoin worth $2000, you will get $1000 in USDC.

simple flow of getting you loan in USDC and other stables

Why take a USDC loan?

If you get an instant USDC loan, you can still profit from your collateral’s price growth: when you come back to repay your loan, we return the exact amount of your collateral minus interest (yearly 10%). So if the bullish trend continues, you’re not losing the value of your coins. Moreover, if you reinvest USDC in other rapidly growing assets, you’ll earn even more!

CoinRabbit’s APR is 10%, so if you borrow for half a year, that will only cost you 5% of your collateral. There are no monthly payments — the whole interest will be charged at the end of the loan period, and you can repay your loan at any moment.

To take an instant USDC loan, no verification is required — we don’t ask you to register or go through KYC; CoinRabbit offers taking an instant USDC loan with no credit check.

3 steps to get a USDC loan

On CoinRabbit, you can get a USDC loan instantly — it will take you just a few minutes.

  1. Go to CoinRabbit, select your collateral currency (20+ options are available), and set USDC as a loan currency. Enter the amount in any of the two fields — the other one will calculate automatically. Click “Get Loan”:
  1. Check the currencies and the amounts. Enter the address where you’d like to receive your USDC, and verify your phone number. This is the only piece of personal information we will ever ask you for: you will need it to access your loan details once you receive it.
  1. Send the collateral to the prodvided address:

This is it! To track your loan, click “My loans” at the top of the page:

Enter your dashboard via your phone number and monitor the accrued interest, liquidation price, and other loan details.

Learn more about USDC borrowing and lending

Now you know how to get an instant USDC loan and profit from your crypto without selling it. To learn more about loans on CoinRabbit, scroll down to the FAQ section on the main page.

If you already have some free USDC and would like to learn how to get a stable passive income with it, see our USDC lending guide.