CoinRabbit Referral Program Explained

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At CoinRabbit we believe that global crypto adoption is one of the most important goals. That way, we are proud to be the first platform in the market supporting multiple cryptocurrencies such as Zilliqa, DigiByte, Shiba Inu, Nano (XNO) and provide their passionate communities with different crypto lending tools and opportunities to adjust to any crypto market conditions.

While remaining non-KYC and the most anonymous crypto lending platform we would like to spread the word about us across the crypto world even wider. 

And we are ready to encourage everyone who helps us with it!

Here are the details about our Referral Program.

Referral program terms and conditions

First of all, here are distinctive features of the Referral Program we have launched:

  • CoinRabbit Referral Program does not require you to be our active client. Therefore, if you are a blogger or social media influencer you can share the referral link with your audience and start getting additional income;
  • The Referral Program is applied for all coins that are already available on a platform or will be available in the future; 
  • Earn for every loan and saving via your referral link. Monthly. No one else provides similar terms.

Use case

Let’s take a closer look at the numbers. Imagine, you invited 3 friends – Kate took an ETH loan worth $15 000, John took a SHIB loan worth $30 000, and Steven took a BTC loan worth $100 000. In the table, you can see your monthly reward.

Loan$15 000$30 000$100 000
Your reward$30$60$200

Your total monthly income from loans would be $290.

If your friends decide to put their assets in a savings account you’ll still get your reward. 

Saving$15 000$30 000$100 000
Your reward$25$50$167

Your total monthly income from savings would be $242.

The good news is the number of people that can use the link is unlimited so is your income.

You can invite not only your friends but your social media audience. For example, by inviting 200 people you will ensure yourself $1,200 of passive income. The amount of your earnings only depends on you.

How can I apply for the referral program?

  • To receive your referral link contact us at [email protected]
  • Share it with your friends or audience
  • Your referrals use it and take any type of crypto-backed loan or put their assets in a saving account
  • Earn monthly profits for all the clients who have their loans and savings active for above 1 month
  • Referral share is 0.2% of the loan amount, paid monthly while the loan is active
  • Affiliate reward is 20% of the customer interest amount, paid monthly while the loan is active 
  • Monthly profits are paid out in stablecoin USDT

How to track profits and request the payment?

  • To receive your referral report or payment contact us at [email protected] and make a payment request with your referral code
  • We plan to automate the process and implement a Partner dashboard a bit later. Stay tuned!

Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to receive your referral link and start earning today!

What’s next?

Since we provide various crypto lending services such as crypto-backed loans and crypto deposits it is already planned to extend our Affiliate Program and also provide all of our referral partners with an opportunity to earn on all the deposits taken via their referral links. Our team will notify all the active referrals regarding this update including all the details as soon as it will be implemented.