What Is An Instant Crypto Loan?

Learn About Instant Crypto Loans

As blockchain technology is increasing exponentially, cryptocurrency loans are becoming one of the most exciting developments of our time. More and more people are venturing into it for investment.  The instant crypto loan sector has received considerable attention in recent years and is becoming increasingly popular in banking and institutional investors.

Instant crypto loans are loans usually acquired on crypto collateral; mostly not peer to peer, making them fast to acquire. Cryptocurrency loans are intended to change the credit industry forever. You may want to consider crypto loans if you are looking for a way to make your investments in cryptocurrency work for you.

In this article, we’ll discuss why you may want to check out crypto loans and an overview of the best instant crypto loan platform.

Why Use Instant Crypto Loans?

At this point, you may be asking yourself why you would need an instant crypto loan at all. Let’s dive into a deeper analysis of crypto loans and the advantages they come with.

Why Use Instant Crypto Loans?

Crypto Loans are More Accessible

Traditional banks have a relatively lengthy loan application process. In traditional loans, the credit value is essential and determines how much money you can borrow. You may not be able to get the money you need if you have a poor credit score. Many other factors, such as credit history and income, are also considered.

You will also need to provide a wealth of personal data such as your social security number, evidence of employment, bank statements, government identity card, and more to the bank. Also, you have little control as a borrower over the final credit terms. Based on the above data, the bank will dictate the loan amount as well as the interest rate.

Borrowing from a traditional bank can be a long and almost impossible process if you have a poor credit score or are out of the workforce. What if you have no bank account, however? At present, 1.7 billion adults are unbanked, which makes it challenging to obtain a traditional loan.

Both of these problems are resolved by a cryptocurrency loan. You don’t need a bank account, and your credit score is not considered on most crypto loan platforms. Crypto loans have the authority to help people get the money they need, although they are not even taken into account by conventional banks. It makes the crypto loan much more affordable than traditional methods and gives financial freedom to all, which is why it remains increasingly popular.

Crypto Loans Have More Flexible Loan Terms

You do not have much discretion regarding your loan terms if you go to a bank for a loan. The bank will eventually decide the amount and interest rate and, while you can borrow from different banks, there won’t be a significant difference in interest rate between financial institutions.

The procedure is much more personalized with crypto loans. The borrower determines the amount of time they want his crypto loan, the LTV ratio, and the fiat currency or stablecoin for which they want to be paid. The amount of the crypto loan will depend on how much security you have, but the remaining terms are very flexible compared to traditional banking.

There are some highly flexible repaying terms for some crypto loan platforms. Some do not provide a minimum monthly payment for the crypto loan until full reimbursement is made by the specified period. You may also find better interest rates; if you repay in a particular cryptocurrency and some crypto loan platforms may offer a low rate.

Crypto loan platforms pride in transparency, meaning the terms of the crypto loan are well-defined and processing fees are clearly stated. As far as flexibility is concerned, crypto loans exceed traditional banking.

Crypto Loans are Quick

It takes some days to a few weeks for your loan to be accepted when you borrow from a traditional bank. Banks’ approval of loans on the same day has become more common but they depend upon several factors and they are not at all guaranteed. It poses some issues if you need to get a loan as soon as you can.

Most crypto loan platforms allow you to get a crypto loan within 24 hours. While it is usually necessary to confirm your ID, You will not use a documents package to check whether you are eligible for the crypto loan platform. As long as you have cryptocurrency (or in some cases, fiat currency) that you can deposit as collateral and a piece of government-issued ID, you are qualified for a crypto loan, which is why the crypto loan system is so much faster.

Earning on crypto

Some of the crypto loan platforms, however, take longer, particularly if you have to find a lender by a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. P2P loans are not instantaneous and need to have collaboration between lenders and borrowers. If you want an instant loan, look at other P2P-free platforms to get a crypto loan.

Crypto Loans Have Lower Fees

It is no secret that traditional banks are cumbersome in terms of fee structures. You will be affected by a considerable fee and poor exchange rate if you need to convert the loan into a different currency for whatever reason. It means ultimately you’re losing money which defeats a loan’s entire purpose.

The tax structures are clearly defined with cryptocurrency loans, but they are usually less than those used in traditional banking. Typically, a one-time service fee is available, and that is it. Furthermore, you would not be hit by exorbitant exchange rates if you must pay in a different currency. For instance, you may send funds in your local currency or even cryptocurrency to avoid high fees and the poor exchange rate at a bank if you take up loans for a family member in another country.

Most crypto loan platforms offer you options on which currency you want to pay in. Some offer fiat currency combinations and stablecoins, while others offer cryptocurrencies only. In any case, you can still pull your stablecoins or cryptography into any currency you need through an exchange with restrictions. It makes crypto loans a cheaper option.

Crypto Loans are Safer

In a traditional bank, many people believe their money is safe. However, almost all major money laundering scandals involved banks somehow. Banks often do not have the best system security measures

Although the crypto loan sector appears dangerous, crypto loan platforms are, in fact, far safer than banks simply because they must be. Crypto loan collateral is stored much safer than any cash in the bank.  

Any reputable crypto loan platform has detailed on its website the safety measures. The best way would be to find out how your crypto loan collateral is protected. Crypto loan platforms should ideally store user funds in cold wallets with 95% or more. It means that your crypto loan collateral will practically be hacked and stored securely offline. The best crypto loan platforms hold 100% of user money in cold wallets.

It is also important that the crypto loan platform has a secure website, and any reputable crypto loan platform can describe what securities it can provide to prevent DDoS attacks. Some of the platforms for cryptocurrency loans go further and provide all digital assets on their platform. Securing your cryptocurrency is a priority on these platforms because it is an inconvenient look for any crypto loan platform that cannot safely hold your crypto loan collateral.

How to Get an Instant Cryptocurrency Loan Using CoinRabbit Platform

CoinRabbit has developed a solution for quickly and securely getting crypto loans. The best non-custodial exchange for crypto loans. They extend your customer offer, receive additional revenue, reach your user base, do everything else – with an easily integrated and simplified flow of crypto loans.

You naturally may want to safeguard your crypto loan collateral and likewise monitor your crypto loan at any moment of the day. They will immediately notify you by e-mail and SMS if your crypto loan extends to any of the three limit zones. The support team is always available to assist and answer any questions you have before or after getting your instant crypto loan. Live support is there for you 24/7.

Steps to follow to get a crypto loan from CoinRabbit

With CoinRabbit, getting the crypto loan process is short and may take up to 5 minutes only. 

1. Select the currency and the collateral

To choose the currency and your collateral, jump to CoinRabbit. Review the main page of CoinRabbit

Select the currency and the collateral

2. Confirm your USDT and telephone number

Send your USDT address where they will send your crypto loan, and confirm your telephone number.

Confirm your USDT and telephone number

3. Collateral Sending

Send your selected collateral amount if it is supported on the platform to get a crypto loan.

Collateral Sending

4. Wait for the crypto loan

The platform will immediately get your crypto loan after they process your collateral and everything is verified.

That was it! As a plus, the whole crypto loan process can be monitored on the same tab online.

Dashboard of your loan

Wrapping Up

Crypto loans involving Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a relatively young industry. The accessibility of crypto loans gives significant financial freedom that can change the financial industry as we forever know it. And while crypto loans offer a new array of liquidity opportunities, the crypto loans also provide Bitcoin investors with their own set of potential falls.

These crypto loans have costs and risks that an individual borrower can only determine if it is worth taking a crypto loan from their Bitcoin holdings. Much can be done on that, such as studying potential crypto loan platforms thoroughly and reading a fine print of the crypto loan offer before you accept it.

Moreover, the crypto market is up and running all day, and so when referees are trying to make a profit, the crypto loan value may have fallen during the day. Many investors may see the value of an asset depreciated to the extent that the debtor’s default is preferable to repaying the crypto loan.

Crypto loans from platforms such as CoinRabbit are the way to go if you would like instant crypto loans.