5 Best Dogecoin Influencers to Follow

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Dogecoin was the world’s first memecoin and since its launch, it has developed into a decent crypto coin with its own awesome community. We all know that the biggest DOGE influencer is Elon Musk, but what about not-so-famous contributors to the Dogecoin family? Let’s find out!

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Dogecoin… the one and only

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was created as a joke by IBM software engineer Billy Markus and Adobe software engineer Jackson Palmer. From the start the Shiba Inu logo of the altcoin, as well as the fun concept of it, were so kindheartedly welcomed by multiple communities, one can even tip people with the help of Dogetipbot on Reddit. 

Major holders who are not willing to get rid of the coin, selloffs, price drops may scare off lots of investors. Especially with the comic nature of Dogecoin. But still, with the richest man in the world as the main social media “manager”, everything may be possible. Plus meet 5 other Twitter Dogecoin influencers to get the news from 😉

5 Best Dogecoin Influencers on Twitter

Doge Norway

Doge Norway may not be the biggest Twitter influencer, but just take a more profound look on the amount of positivity! Even in the darkest time, Doge Norway has a sense of humor to follow. CoinRabbit definitely supports that 🙂 With 10K active followers, Doge Norway posts daily memes about DOGE, important information, and words of support for the Dogecoin community. Way to go! 

Sir Doge of the Coin

Sir Doge of the Coin Twitter

This Twitter influencer has almost 25K followers and is also a good source of information about the Dogecoin community. Seems that the Dogecoin community adores memes (maybe because DOGE was just a memecoin from the start?), but Sir Doge of the Coin also reposts some DOGE news. Elon Musk even liked Sir Doge of the Coin’s tweet recently! Be the next one to do so 😉


LilHumansBigImpact Twitter

LilHumansBigImpact is a Dogecoin enthusiastic holder with a number of followers approaching 40K and it’s growing more and more each day. This account is dedicated to the Dogecoin community, but one can always find something appealing for them on this account. LilHumansBigImpact also uses its influence to speak up about some important issues, so it’s not always fun and rainbows just like in life. 


DogeOuterLimits Twitter

DogeOuterLimits is another great account to follow on Twitter for the sake of Dogecoin! This influencer is approaching 30K and DogeOuterLimits is a great source for daily DOGE news. This influencer keeps one eye on updates in the Dogecoin community and posts a lot of funny memes, too. Follow DogeOuterLimits to be in touch with all the important DOGE updates this year!

SlumDOGE Millionaire

SlumDOGE Millionaire Twitter

Last but not least, SlumDOGE Millionaire is a very popular Dogecoin Twitter influencer with almost 215K followers. He even has its own DOGE-related merch! A proud Dogecoin hodler, SlumDOGE Millionaire also supports Floki Inu, Cardano, and some more crypto. Of course, he posts a lot of news about all tokens and coins that he supports, so SlumDOGE Millionaire will be your great source of different information every day!

Bottom Line

To sum up, Dogecoin has a wonderful community with plenty of influencers who are fun and easy to follow. It is almost impossible to include everyone in one shortlist, but today CoinRabbit decided to show you these 5 Twitter influencers to start your Dogecoin journey or to engage in the community even more. Don’t forget to follow all of them! And don’t forget that Dogecoin Loans are fully available on our website to amplify your crypto portfolio 🙂

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