All-time high! The Right Decision to Increase Your Profit

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Smashing all previous bitcoin price predictions, the most well-known cryptocurrency experienced an outstanding bull run this year. While the indicator for ‘1 bitcoin to dollar’ was dwindling at a mark below 4,000 in March 2020, the value of bitcoin crossed the 19,000 dollar mark by the time it was the first week of December 2020. Yet, even when the market surpassed most of the bitcoin prediction numbers, investors traded with caution. 

All-time high numbers in Bitcoin prices

The market dynamics were indicative of the fact that even all-time high numbers in Bitcoin prices could not be alluring enough for the retail crowd. While many of these individual investors were still reluctant to sell their holdings and were hoping for an even larger margin in the days to come, the participation of institutional investors increased significantly.

Whenever it comes to the question of how to make money with bitcoin, experienced investors prefer not to act in haste. Investing even when Bitcoin is trading at an all-time high has elements of risks emanating from the possibility of a price pullback. Studying the previous upsurges in the Bitcoin price trend shows that there were significant pullbacks, sometimes above 20%, during the previous bitcoin bull runs.

Also, there are bitcoin holders who track the hourly map on unspent Bitcoins. Such tracking shows a growing trend of massive accumulation since November. This trend has been driving many investors to wait for some time more and take profits at new all-time highs that they think are imminent and may go up to $22,000. On the other hand, the possibility of pullback, as mentioned above, may bring the price down to even $15,800. 

The analysis of whether the current all-time high would be the right time to take profits is seeing some other opinions as well. These opinions cite metrics such as bitcoin whale inflow to exchanges and supply in profit to state that the prices have already reached the best place to take profits. 

Crypto Lending – The Best way to Increase Your Profits

The uncertainty around when to sell often helps us to look at other avenues that one can leverage to make use of idle bitcoin holdings. The most promising of these avenues is the cryptocurrency lending platforms. Lending cryptocurrency or using your crypto holdings as collateral for a cryptocurrency loan appears a super effective option to pursue. 

Crypto Lending

There are many crypto lending programs in the market. One of the emerging players in this space is CoinRabbit. We are one of the most efficient and cost-effective options. 

The platform provides instant crypto loans without any credit checks and registration. One can borrow stablecoins in exchange for BTC or ETH holdings as collateral. We are one of the best when it comes to the rate at which stablecoins are lent. Currently, it is a 5% APR for an unlimited term. The amount of the loan taken starts from as low as just 30 USDT and may go up to as high as the borrower needs. If the borrower needs his or her collateralized BTCs or ETHs back at any point time during the tenure of the loan, one only needs to pay the full price of repayment, and they will receive their collaterals back.