5 Awesome Facts about Bitcoin. More than pizza!


It’s difficult to deny how monumental bitcoin’s rise has been, whether you’re a diehard bitcoin supporter or you can’t quit shouting mania.  Here are five unbelievable facts about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that you should know for your investment purposes, to please your mates, or just to grasp what bitcoin is and why it’s gaining popularity. … Read more

How to Borrow Bitcoin on CoinRabbit Platform

Bitcoin’s massive adoption as a means of exchange has seen its value continue to rise over the years. After long being shunned by traditional financial firms and institutional investors, Bitcoin and other cryptos such as Ethereum seem to increasingly enter the mainstream market as a payment vehicle and an asset. Even so, there has been … Read more

Bitcoin vs Gold. Future of Bitcoin and Gold

Lately, you might have seen on the news about the funds moving from gold into Bitcoin. Does that mean that the precious metal is weakening and giving way to the first cryptocurrency? Will Bitcoin replace gold as the common safe haven asset?  In short, we can’t say for sure yet. There is strong growth in … Read more

Coronavirus and Crypto Market

The year 2020, has been greatly eventful. From threats of a world war, to increased terrorist attacks. A biography on the life of the year 2020, would not only be a bestseller but also an excellent read. However the most significant single event of this year is and has been the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, at … Read more

Ethereum 2.0 is Coming. The Future of Ethereum!

On December 1 2020, an event that has been anticipated for the latest several years took place — Ethereum 2.0 went live. Its launch has been rescheduled several times, while the expectations from a new stage of Ethereum development are extremely high. With all the advances that will be implemented in the network in the … Read more