ChangeNOW Review: Cryptocurrency Exchange, Processing, Custody

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2022)

With the slew of cryptocurrency exchanges available on the market, it is becoming difficult to select the perfect one. As such, the ChangeNOW cryptocurrency exchange steps forth as a highly competitive and attractive service offering non-custodial asset storage and registration-free access to its impressive lineup of products. Here is the detailed ChangeNow review, a platform free of KYC requirements and offers its users a broad range of traded assets, including over 200 listed cryptocurrencies and other digital assets at low commissions and almost no risk involved.

By providing its users with outstanding customer services and direct fiat-to-crypto off-ramps, ChangeNOW opens the gateway for instant trading via a convenient and intuitive interface that answers all the requirements of a modern trading venue. With its VISA and MasterCard connection through a network of reliable partners with solid market reputations, ChangeNOW is the go-to platform for instant on-ramping of fiat into cryptocurrencies and off-ramping onto bank cards for later cash out.

The Distinguishing Features

As a holistic cryptocurrency exchange, ChangeNOW provides its users with intuitive and straightforward onboarding through a user journey that takes novices through the standard procedures required for crypto operations. But in addition to providing a convenient and hassle-free trading experience, ChangeNOW also boasts a number of unique features that make it stand out as a premier cryptocurrency exchange and the ideal venue for both experienced and novice traders.

  • Registration-Free Access: ChangeNOW is a completely anonymous platform that adheres to the core principles of decentralization with its instant account opening and lack of lengthy identity checks.
  • Non-Custodial Asset Storage: The service does not retain or store any of the users’ private keys, leaving wallet access solely up to its holder. The non-custodial wallet approach relieves the exchange of bearing the risk of hacking and losing any user funds.
  • Broad Choice of Listed Assets: Over 200 of the most popular cryptocurrencies can be traded across a selection of over 13,000 pairs. The entire lineup of the top-100 cryptocurrencies is present on ChangeNOW, freeing users from the need of having to hop between various platforms for making swaps.
  • No Limits on Transactions: As a limitless exchange, ChangeNOW sets no barriers on the amounts of assets users are willing to exchange or transfer on or across-chains.
  • Mobile Verions: On-the-go lifestyles catered to with instant access to assets for on-the-fly trading. ChangeNOW is available on both iOS and Android devices, providing a convenient and streamlined user experience for trading.
  • Low Commissions: As little as 0.5% on transactions, with the upper limit being just 4%. Users can also choose between a fixed or classic floating rate of exchange. The Classic type relies on the most favorable rate on the market and is subject to dynamics, while the Fixed type is not subject to fluctuations, but does incur a larger spread.
  • Gateway Connectivity: The partnership with Simplex gives ChangeNOW access to VISA and MasterCard gateways, allowing users to buy cryptocurrencies for fiat funds.

Overall, ChangeNOW boasts the most critical features one would expect from a major exchange service, giving users the confidence they need to trade and remain certain about the security of their funds.

Security On ChangeNOW

Speaking of security, ChangeNOW can showcase some of the best security layer combinations on the market, in large part thanks to its non-custodial nature. By having done away with registration requirements, ChangeNOW has rid users of any telltale trails that could lead hackers to their wallets. However, hackers will find that they are at a bummer, since there are no accounts to trace on ChangeNOW and no wallets of the centralized type that can be exploited.

The ChangeNOW Ecosystem

ChangeNOW is far more than just an exchange – it is an entire ecosystem of products that interact and provide users with a holistic experience. With its array of services, ChangeNOW frees its users of the need to search for necessary instruments, shortening the journey to just a single click on a convenient dropdown menu, all accessible from a single account. Among the instruments available on ChangeNOW are the following that make using the platform a sheer pleasure for any crypto enthusiast.

The ChangeNOW service provides Asset Listing and Token Swap options, giving users the chance to instantly list coins and swap them on-the-go. Another convenient service is NOWPayments that allows users to accept crypto as payments through a simple API with non-custodial access. The NOWTracker lets users browse networks and track individual transactions, while fast-tracks users onto the rails of zero-fee Lightning Network for Bitcoin operations.

ChangeNOW Pro is the extra-feature service of ChangeNOW that provides professional traders with a host of important functions necessary for deploying trading strategies and much more. The NOWNodes service lets users deploy their own full nodes through a convenient API. Lastly, the Telegram Bot of ChangeNOW is ideal for making trades and keeping track of market dynamics.

Though the lineup of services is impressive, the ChangeNOW Mobile Exchange deserves separate attention as a mobile application available on both iOS and Android. With its access via TouchID or FaceID, as well as added security features, the ChangeNOW Mobile Exchange propels users into a world of convenient mobile trading of top cryptocurrencies.

The NOW Wallet is the last and most important product of the ChangeNOW exchange, giving users instant access to the platform with non-custodial crypto asset storage and management. Boasting a wide variety of listed assets across all of the most popular blockchain networks through WalletConnect, the NOW Wallet allows instant trading while giving users both privacy and anonymity. With over 380 listed assets and NFT support, the NOW Wallet also provides up to 25% annual returns on staking through a built-in function supporting native NOW tokens of the BEP-20 standard. Another feature that makes the NOW Wallet a repository of choice is its ability to connect to virtually any decentralized application across the Ethereum, AVAX, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain networks via a simple QR-code.

Key Takeaways

As CoinRabbit’s valued partner ChangeNOW is more than just an exchange service, it is a whole ecosystem of products complementing one another for the sole purpose of helping users gain freedom in the world of Web-3 finance. With its non-custodial wallet, complete freedom of annoying registration procedures, and a wide range of traded assets and trading pairs, ChangeNOW acts as a gateway into decentralized finance, ushering both new and experienced users to join the digital economy.