CoinRabbit Earnings: In-depth Review

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What is the most important thing while working with cryptocurrency? – No matter the experience everyone would have answered ‘safety’. Yet trading and investing are usually quite risky and hard to properly execute. Therefore, we developed a new solution for our clients — CoinRabbit Earnings. In this article we would like to share with you some information about it.

At CoinRabbit we believe that our clients should have simple and transparent solutions for working with different types of cryptocurrency assets. Different crypto market conditions require different tools and approaches. That’s why we developed CoinRabbit Earnings.

What is CoinRabbit Earnings?

CoinRabbit Earnings is a freshly released product that provides our clients with the most convenient, fast and safe way to get additional profits while holding their assets. You begin to accumulate your Annual Percentage Yield (APY) from the moment of making your deposit. Right now we support USDT and USDC assets for deposits, and plan to add more different currencies later to make our deposits as convenient as possible.

Earning on crypto

How Does It Work?

Release of this feature has become possible due to our other successful product — CoinRabbit loans. All the deposits are supported by our loan earnings. The whole process is as simple as possible:

  • First of all you should choose your deposit amount and a type of stablecoin you would like to deposit: USDT or USDC
  • Verification is processed with your phone number only. It will be needed to check your deposit status and accumulated amount of APY
  • Confirm and send your deposit. The funds pass the verification and AML security layer, and our risk-control system checks every transaction in the blockchain.
  • Once your deposit becomes active you begin to earn on your stablecoins
  • Begin to earn from the very first day. Your APY is accumulated and updated on a daily basis, and can be checked at your dashboard
  • Increase your deposit whenever you like to increase your potential gains
  • The deposits have no time frames. Only you decide when to deactivate it and withdraw the funds

How and When Can You Use CoinRabbit Earnings?

When is the best time to use this feature? How should you properly use it? We gathered several examples for you.

  1. If you don’t want to add additional risks while earning or are tired of sleepless nights watching the charts and the market. If you are afraid of any volatile movement of your holdings. You have the best solution for this case now  that allows you to increase your wealth as simply as possible. Easy as that — make your deposit and start earning.
  2. If the market is bearish and dumping. Entering it at this point is very risky, ain’t it? This is how you can minimize the risks and earn while others are losing.

CoinRabbit Earning Conditions

  • Unlimited time frames. You can withdraw your deposit at any convenient time
  • NO withdrawal fees
  • Maximum deposit amount is $1,000,000
  • Minimum deposit amount is $100
  • You can increase your deposit amount anytime
  • Accumulated reward amount is updated at your dashboard on a daily basis
  • Your withdrawal amount is updated on a monthly basis
  • Annual Percentage Yield is 10%

Security Layers and How Do We Keep Your Funds

We use the system of cold wallets for our services. These wallets are not used in any internal operations and can only be accessed by a few employees exclusively from our office via exact closed VPNs. They should approve any interaction with these wallets before it happens. One of the most recognizable exchanges Binance uses a similar way of keeping and interacting with the funds of their clients.

Security Layers and How Do We Keep Your Funds

Every transaction should be approved by several people or it will be terminated. Our risk-control system checks the economy every second and also terminates all the transactions if anything is inaccurate. It provides us with an additional security layer against hacking attacks.

Withdrawal Terms

CoinRabbit Earnings is mainly a long-term solution as it is the most convenient time frame for significant earnings. The interest is paid out daily. On the other hand, we believe that our clients should decide when to withdraw their assets themselves, and have no strict time limitations for your deposits without any fees. These are the reasons why you can withdraw your funds at any convenient time.

Not financial advice. Do your own research and take everything moderately.
Terms of deposits might be changed. Stay tuned.