Kishu Inu coin: All you need to know about KISHU loans

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Kishu Inu is a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency with instant rewards. Its mission is bringing popular cryptocurrency concepts to the mainstream. For every active user transaction a 2% KISHU reward is granted to holders’ decentalized wallets only, fostering a healthy distributed network and community usage. Kishu Inu coin so far provides rewards for token holders, a decentralized crypto exchange, and NFT.

History of Kishu Inu

Kishu Inu was launched in 2021 with a big splash.Its market cap at the time was more than $2 billion, and more than 100,000 token holders were active after the coin’s first month.

Although Kishu Inu has already established solid partnerships. For instance, you can buy Kishu Inu coin on more than 20+ exchanges including OKX, Guardarian, etc. Token holders can use KISHU tokens to make travel plans at Living Vogue Real Estate accepts KISHU payments as well. The leading crypto payment gateway NOWPayments also provides features for accepting payments and donations in Kishu Inu coin.

Kishu Inu Tokenomics

How Does Kishu Inu coin Aim to Achieve its Goals?

As a meme coin, Kishu Inu stands out with crypto users by having a legitimate purpose. In comparison to some of its well-known predecessors, Kishu Inu offers newer concepts to the mainstream. To achieve its purpose, the Kishu Swap, Paw Print, Kishu Crate, and Kishuverse feature innovative features.

As a result of its transparency and self-management style, Kishu Inu grew rapidly. Through continued development and a better reward system, this project maintains its appeal despite many meme coins appearing to be passing trends. Also, the project was built to minimize risk by heavily auditing its code and burning its crypto tokens.

How to work with KISHUs volatility to avoid liquidation?

KISHU crypto volatility can lead to liquidation. If you use your Kishu Inu to take out a loan, you should monitor your loan status. CoinRabbit offers an instant alert system, using messages (SMS and E-mails) to alert users in the event of a possible liquidation.

Crypto loan liquidation price

You can always add more collateral to adjust the Liquidation price of your loan. At CoinRabbit, loan collateral is not frozen, so liquidation prices can be adjusted quickly by adding more collateral to the loan or repaying it.

What is also important – You can add more collateral at any time while the loan is open and decrease LTV. For example, minimum loan LTV at CoinRabbit is 50%. When you are getting a loan at CoinRabbit, you can increase collateral immediately after opening, so the LTV will decrease at the percent that would be comfortable for you.

Crypto loan collateral

Why take a Kishu Inu Loan?

Taking out a crypto loan has many benefits. Firstly, it allows you to access capital without having to sell your cryptocurrency holdings. Secondly, interest rates are generally very low compared to traditional loans, as the risk of default is much lower. Thirdly, it’s a quick and easy process with no paperwork involved. Finally, a crypto loan can be used for virtually any purpose, from investing in new projects to covering unexpected expenses.

Grow Kishu holding with CoinRabbit

Kishu Inu coin has been an excellent investment for some, while it has also burned some investors who didn’t get in at the right time. Kishu Inu loans can be used to avoid unpredictable market behavior that occurs when newbie investors buy high and sell low. Such unpredictable market behavior can be avoided by taking Kishu Inu loans.

However, investing in highly volatile cryptocurrencies like KISHU crypto has been made simpler through the availability of KISHU crypto lending platforms like CoinRabbit. Here are some reasons you should take a KISHU crypto loan.

  • Crypto Hedging

With a Kishu Inu loan, you avoid crypto market risks. You can spend and repay the loan amounts over a long period, while your Kishu crypto collateral grows.

  • Combining the best of both worlds

You can use your stablecoin loan amounts issued in Kishu Inu to trade other cryptocurrencies or make other investments as your Kishu Inu collateral grows.

  • Techniques for managing risks

The Kishu Inu loans provide crypto investors with a way to manage their investment risks. Instead of holding Kishu Inu tokens for yourself and risking high market volatility, you can use your investment as collateral to mitigate investment risks.

4 Steps to getting a Kishu Inu Loan

Today, crypto loan platforms like CoinRabbit have significantly simplified the loan application processes. To get a Kishu Inu crypto loan today, all you need to do is go to CoinRabbit’s homepage and follow the steps below.

  • On the homepage, under the Loan calculator section, select Kishu crypto as your preferred collateral.
  • Enter the amount of Kishu Inu crypto you want to deposit as collateral, and the Calculator will show you the Loan Amounts you will receive and Click “Get Loan.”

Kishu Inu loans

  • After clicking “Get Loan,” we will ask you to confirm the details, enter your stablecoin address, and verify your phone number:

Kishu Inu loan process

  • Next, send Kishu Inu coins to the displayed address. After we receive your collateral, the loan will be sent to you immediately.

Kishu Inu loan without KYC


KISHU loans with CoinRabbit – is a great way for crypto investors and holders to optimise their taxes, make a large purchase, reinvest in new cryptocurrencies, and many more, while keeping hold of their digital assets.

Remember that all crypto operations are very risky. Make sure you check your crypto loan status periodically and add collateral if necessary to avoid liquidation of your loan when you get a loan with any crypto lending platform.

Kishu loan

If you still have any questions you can always contact our team and customer support on our website and we will gladly help you. Or join our telegram group.

Rethink forward crypto loans with CoinRabbit.

Not financial advice. Do your own research and take everything moderately. Crypto-backed loans have their own risks that should be taken respectively.

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