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CoinRabbit hops on: Osmosis (Interview)

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2023)

 CoinRabbit: Hi, crypto community! Welcome to Episode 2 of our biweekly series “CoinRabbit hops on”, where the best place to get a loan on the crypto market talks to different crypto entities about latest developments, governance, community & future of the crypto world.

This week’s guest is Osmosis! Let’s get to the interview!

Answers from Osmosis were provided by Aaron Kong, Osmosis contributor!

Osmosis: The inspiration behind Osmosis, a sovereign layer 1 blockchain, was to create a place for liquidity that can be accessed from anywhere and could go anywhere. The most interoperable dex out there with the greatest user experience, and the lowest barrier to entry.



Osmosis: Some of the great technology behind the blockchain Osmosis, is its ability to be an incredibly interoperable dex. The cosmos tech stack allows Osmosis to be incredibly customizable from the ground up. This bypasses a lot of the limitations you would experience building on Ethereum.

Osmosis: Osmosis branding was largely the idea of Josh Lee, he is sort of brilliant when it comes to naming things. The idea of Osmosis, a substance crossing over into another plane very much resembles how liquidity in DeFi behaves. Whether that’s an AMM or bridging from one ecosystem to another… Osmosis .


Osmosis: We frequently conduct audits on all major feature releases, and even have security features such as rate limiting that will monitor liquidity and stop any abnormal amounts from being transferred out.


Osmosis: Widespread adoption will be achieved through the best user experience, we are working on things such as account abstraction that will massively lower the barrier of entry to new users and launching a new pro trading experience for users that really want to step up their DeFi game.


Osmosis: Osmosis is well suited for all things DeFi, many apps such as Levana, Mars, Quasar, Nolus, Streamswap and more are all launching on Osmosis. More will come. Osmosis is the home to many premiere dApps.


Osmosis: Osmosis aiming to be the best DEX with the greatest and simplest user experience should be pivotal in evolving the financial ecosystem for crypto as a whole. Once audiences know that they can enter Osmosis with no difficulties, easily understand how to operate within it, and feel comfortable doing so… we believe more adoption will come.


Osmosis: Some past milestones will have been launching stableswaps, supercharged liquidity (our version of concentrated liquidity), the wave of apps going live… some future milestones will be the native limit orders, vaults on concentrated liquidity, our pro trading experience, and the revamp of Osmosis v2.


Osmosis: Osmosis is what will connect the world, sea, sand, pearls can all co-exist with Osmosis in some way. This is the idea of Osmosis.


Osmosis: Osmosis is like your ipad, and this ipad has lots of fun games on it, but these games are for adults!


Osmosis: Rabbits!

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