The Best Coins for Crypto-Backed Loans in 2022

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Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2010, dozens of crypto projects have emerged. And in an ever-competitive market, they only secure patronage by innovating to meet fresh demands. This article examines the best coins for a crypto loan in 2022, providing arguments in favor of each one.

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Milestones of Popularity

Investing in any coin requires a careful evaluation of various factors. The coins recommended as crypto loan sources were selected based on, one, their community-centered approach to governance. Making decisions about a coin you invested in enables you to dictate its direction in a way that favors you. Community engagement also drives liquidity on a project, presenting you an opportunity to make a profit.

In addition, we looked at the volume of operations occurring in these projects and how willing our clients have been to take loans with them. Evidently, the more potential a token shows for growth, the more attention it attracts.

Milestones of Crypto Popularity

Why Take out a Digibyte Loan Now?

A sensational project in the world of crypto, Digibyte is uniquely focused on innovation. It aims to achieve three principles of security, speed, and scalability and develops products that challenge the norm. According to our predictions and other platforms’, the token’s price should see an increase in the coming years. This is for no other reason than the pace at which it makes new offerings and the promise of liquidity that they carry. For instance, a new brainchild, the Digimetaverse, is underway and set to revolutionize payments for businesses and individuals. 

Digibyte coin DGB

Its recent offering of an ERC-20 token is another which is worthy of note. So if you’re looking for a project on which to take a crypto loan in 2022, Digibyte would be a pity to miss.

Shiba Inu Loan – Option or Not?

Memecoins are often a cause for a rave. But if there is any reason why people avoid them, it is the potential for fraud and zero fundamentals that many offer. However, Shiba Inu has distinguished itself. 

Shiba Inu coin (SHIB)

Its growing adoption by various platforms testifies that it is not only credible but also here to stay. According to experts, the coin which currently sells at a cheap price should see substantial gains over time. This means that collateralizing your tokens can earn you a profit upon payback. Here are some predictions on the coin’s price in 2022:

  1. $0.0001124 by the end of 2022 – GOV Capital
  2. $0.00001967 price minimum in 2022 – Long Forecast
  3. $0.0000520 by the beginning of December 2022 – Trading Beasts

With these forecasts, taking out a Shiba Inu loan means you can observe price movements and maximize your profits.

Will Dogecoin Go up Again?

To answer briefly, Dogecoin’s $0.7 price in May 2021 indicates growth potential. This is reinforced by its adoption by AMC for digital gift card payments. In addition, Tesla recently announced its acceptance of Dogecoin as payment for some of its merchandise. This is besides the token’s widening popularity amongst other services. The result of these approvals is a higher trading volume and expansion of the project’s stake in the market.

Dogecoin coin (DOGE)

XNO (NANO) As a Crypto-backed Loan Option

This coin exhibited a lot of potentials when it rebranded from NANO (NANO) to XNO (NANO). The change from what the developers perceived to be a difficult name to something simple and easier to pronounce symbolizes progressiveness in the project. The token has also been listed by some of the most popular trading platforms, strengthening its appeal to investors. Another major perk is the zero-fee nature of transacting with the token. If the developer team continues on its trajectory, the project can receive approval from businesses and individuals who seek to avoid high trading expenses.

Is FIRO Loan Reasonable?

Founded by Poramin Insom in 2016, the token rebranded from from its previous name, ZCoin. It is a recipient of the 2020 FAT Blockchain Award for its popularity within the community. FIRO is a revolutionary project that allows investors to maintain privacy on their transactions. It comes with a high level of security and leaves users in control of their financial decisions.

FIRO loans

On the innovation front, the project developed the Firo Watch app for Android WearOS to enable users to stay up-to-date on prices. The platform is also integrating with Ethereum, ensuring that you can enter and exit DeFi without trust or any KYC process. This approach to cryptocurrency holds promise for privacy enthusiasts. It is also noteworthy that the platform has gained the attention of media outlets like the BBC, making it possible that interest will rise further. Essentially, FIRO is a great offering for a crypto loan if you need a coin with growth indices.

Should You Take a Ravencoin Loan Next Year?

At the time of writing, Ravencoin, a Game of Thrones-themed project is posting a bearish trend. Early in the year, however, the coin saw its price rise to $0.2888 from $0.03. But while this shift could be an indicator of future increases in its price, the best time for a spike is January 2022, during the coin’s halving. The coin allows users to tokenize assets and transfer them in a cheap and seamless fashion.

Why Take out Bitcoin or Ethereum Loan?


Bitcoin and Ethereum are top contenders in the crypto niche. They have been dominant since inception and are poised to stay that way in 2022. Also, considering the trading volume in both projects, taking out a loan on them is not a bad idea. Besides, the scalability of the Ethereum project is a huge factor that promises returns. 

How to Use CoinRabbit Lending Service

Get a crypto loan on CoinRabbit in four easy steps:

  • Step 1 – Calculate: Access the different collateral choices you have on the page. Confirm the process on your phone and enter a USDT address where you can receive the funds.
Calculate crypto loan
  • Step 2 – Send your collateral: Deposit your collateral and get the loan without checks or further delays.
send your crypto collateral
  • Step 3 – Use your funds: You can now use the funds as needed. CoinRabbit will notify you if there are any changes in collateral rates.
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  • Step 4 – Repayment: You can repay anytime to get your collateral. Upon receipt, CoinRabbit will refund you.

Final Thought

For lenders and borrowers, taking a crypto loan is a great way to make profits. However, we must emphasize that the market is volatile and predictions can be wrong. As such, it is necessary you research and understand the project before making bets.

CoinRabbit wishes you a Happy New Year and stay tuned for the upcoming updates in 2022!

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