Top 7 VeChain Influencers

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What is VeChain?

VeChain is a blockchain-based platform under the Detetralizated Application (DApps) concept. The platform is created to enhance business processes, logistics, and supply-chain management.

VeChain has two tokens: VET and VTHO (VeThor). VET is a native currency of the platform that is used for transactions and VTHO provides fee payments as a gas token (similar to Ethereum). VTHO is distributed as block rewards and has an infinite supply, and VET has a fixed supply of 86,712,634,466 tokens.

The company is developing and growing rapidly. Right now VeChain is focused on developing its own platform to expand the tech possibilities ranging from supply chain tracking to making dApps, creating their own ecosystem using the Internet of Things and Real-world tech technologies, and, of course, developing their cryptocurrency.

Along with the company, the VeChain community is also growing. Today we picked the 6 best influencers to follow if you want to know more about VeChain and don’t miss any news and project updates.

Top 7 VeChain Influencers

eisenreich (@eisenreich)

Eisenreich is one of the most well-known VeChain influencers. The best thing about this account is that eisenreich posts a lot of use cases, which might be unnoticed by other influencers. Here you also can find news and VeChain achievements. Add eisenreich to your follow list if you want to be updated and know more about the amazing possibilities of VeChain.

NOЯDES Ⓥ (@Nordes__)

NOЯDES is a VET investor, crypto analyst, and founder of VFoxAllianceNFT. If you want to know the professional point of view – hit that follow button. NOЯDES doesn’t give financial advice but shares a lot of important information. He posts news, NFT releases, giveaways, the latest VeChain updates, and price charts, so you can see all right in your feed without going anywhere else. Very convenient!

DJ ⓋeThor Ⓥendetta  (@VeThorVendetta)

Dj VeThor Vendetta is a crypto analyst, entertainer, and VeChain supporter. In his account Dj VeThor Vendetta shares his in-depth look at VeChain and crypto in general. He doesn’t give financial advice but his account is a great source of information about VeChain and VET. Dj VeThor also has a Discord channel where he discusses all these topics more deeply.


MartyFly Ⓥ Ⓦ (@Marty_cFly)

Marty Fly is a dedicated VeChain supporter. Along with VeChain updates, he posts about DeFi, sustainability, and promoting crypto education. You can also find here price charts, the latest crypto news, and, of course, memes. Ⓥ (@crypt0hipp0) is a community manager of VeChain’s leading NFT marketplace – VeSea. So if you are interested in NFT and VeChain, add to your following list ASAP. Here you can find community updates, NFT releases, VeChain news, collaboration announcements, and even join giveaways.


Jake.VET ⓥ (@JakeVET_)

Jake.VET is a VeChain ecosystem and VET token supporter. Despite not having a major audience like other influencers, Jake has an important role in the community. His account is dedicated to explaining numerous possibilities of the VeChain platform and he is doing it very well.

ohhwesley Ⓥ

Ohhwesley is one of the most famous VET investors and holders on Twitter. 35% of his crypto portfolio is VET, which he holds. That shows how ohhwesley is dedicated to the VeChain and VET token. He makes daily market updates so you definitely should follow ohhwesley to always be aware of market situation.

Bottom Line

VeChain community, or as they call themselves – VeFam, is an amazing and pretty active community full of creative, funny, but also very informative members. Today we highlighted only a few of them, but CoinRabbit will continue to tell you about them in our next articles.

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