How to Get a Crypto Loan from CoinRabbit? Use Case Study

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You can easily pledge some of your crypto holdings and take out a crypto loan at a multitude of platforms. CoinRabbit stands out from the competition thanks to the unique offerings it brings to the table. It’s these attractive benefits that we’ll cover in this article, using a case study to illustrate how you could win from them too. To help you visualize the story, let’s say that there’s a highly active marketing agency, and they are looking for ways to borrow for their day-to-day needs.

What’s the rationale behind businesses and individuals taking out crypto loans?

Just like with legacy loans, there’s a huge number of use cases for taking out a crypto loan. In our story, the hypothetical marketing agency has inputs like this:

  • Active operations, lots of orders and lots of bills to pay
  • Crypto holdings owned by the 3 co-owners at around 10 ETH
  • Urgent need to pay the bills and keep paying the new arrivals
  • Looking for ways to obtain liquidity without selling out of the crypto holdings completely

Now let’s see how our marketing gurus can use an instant crypto loan from CoinRabbit to help them stay on top of their operating expenses.

Step 1: Finding a reliable crypto lending platform

Whether you represent a company or act as an individual, crypto lenders are happy to extend their services. However, caution is advised when considering various lending platforms and companies. Providers like CoinRabbit have already established their name in the crypto market with lots of positive reviews and success stories online.

A good start would be to review various lists of crypto lenders so that you can consider a wide range of potential platforms.

At this stage, our hypothetical company decides that it’s a safe bet to partner up with a CeFi provider like CoinRabbit. Among the major benefits that CeFi platforms offer are security assurances and support from an experienced team that cares about their clients’ convenience and effective collaboration.

Step 2: Figuring out details of crypto loan

At this step, our boisterous marketing agency needs to think hard about the key metrics that will flesh out the loan they’ll take out:

  • Collateral Coin: In our example, the customer is set to collateralize their ETH holdings, and that’s fine with CoinRabbit. But should they diversify their portfolio, the lender is ready to accept around 140 coins, making it easy to pledge whatever coins the user currently holds.
  • Collateral Amount: The team decides to pledge a portion of their overall crypto holdings and goes with 3 ETH as collateral. They retain control over the remaining 7 ETH portion. CoinRabbit is happy to chase collateral starting from $100, so it jumps on this chance at once.
  • Loan Amount & LTV: Importantly, CoinRabbit brings forward a unique solution whereby users can take out up to 90% from their loans. This helps boost your tax optimization efforts and unlocks more cash flows to deal with current needs. In our example, the marketers would fetch around 2.9 ETH that’s ready to cover the bills and keep them churning forward. The LTV is tracked based on the prices for your collateral. Whenever the price goes down by more than 45%, you’ll need to take care of a potential margin call at your loan.
  • Loan Term & Interest Rates: While other lenders set up the loan terms and chase after monthly payments, CoinRabbit offers loans with the unlimited term and no mandatory payments. The fixed monthly interest rate at 12% makes it easy to keep track of the payments. Users can repay the debt and close out their loans at any time.

Now that the customer has figured out the details, they can proceed to requesting their loan from the provider.

Step 3: Getting the crypto loan and repaying the debt

Submitting your request at CoinRabbit is easy and can be done right from the main page. CoinRabbit will process your application within minutes since there’s no need to run KYC and credit checks. In this way, crypto loans free up the time and effort.

After you’ve received the approval, you can move the crypto collateral into your account. When you are done, CoinRabbit will also fund your account within minutes.

In our use case study, the marketing agency can use the funds to cover their operating expenses. But there are no restrictions being imposed on the borrower. Users can actively seek and utilize opportunities to generate additional profits or spend the funds in any conceivable manner.

When borrowing from CoinRabbit, there’s no need to track due monthly payments as users can decide whenever they want to repay the loan principal and the interest rate. All the users need to do is follow up on any drastic changes in their collateral so that they never hit the margin call level. So, in conclusion, CoinRabbit is one of the best crypto loan platforms.

Potential risks that heed caution

  • First, picking a highly secure and trusted crypto lending platform is hard. As a CeFi lender, CoinRabbit takes care of all that by using cold wallets and ensuring compliance with security requirements.
  • Second, users should always avoid liquidations as such events are taxable and might incur losses too. CoinRabbit always sends multiple notifications prior to users hitting the threat zones, keeping you informed and aware of the potential risk.
  • Third, tracking your collateralized asset is a sure way to prevent a liquidation and margin calls. CoinRabbit customer support team is constantly tracking the LTV ratios and quickly notifies customers about any threat zones. Our marketing agency doesn’t need to assign a dedicated employee to track the loan metrics and can focus on their activities.

As you can see, the marketing agency can successfully mitigate potential risks and enjoy the benefits that crypto loans bring. This can be your success story too. All you need to do is try out the CoinRabbit loan service and see how it works for yourself.

Bottom Line

Crypto backed loans help users unlock the much needed liquidity without selling out of their crypto holdings. CoinRabbit takes a hop forward by offering term-less loans that are much easier to manage and keep tabs on. Though crypto is volatile, users can track the price changes and act accordingly. Thanks to no credit checks and fast account funding, crypto loans are an attractive alternative to the traditional loans from banks.

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