Top 6 IoTeX influencers to follow on Twitter

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Founded by Jing Sun, Raullen Chai, Qevan Guo and Xinxin Fan in 2017 IoTeX is an easily scalable, decentralized blockchain network serving the IoT (Internet of things). According to its developers, “[E]veryday people and businesses can own and control their devices” via IoTeX, which uses a blockchain-in-blockchain mechanism with a single root block and multiple sidechains connected to it. Its unique roll-delegated proof of stake (Roll-DPoS) consensus mechanism gives it the speed and scalability to connect IoT devices block by block.

What is IOTX?

The IOTX cryptocurrency is the native token of IoTeX. Using the IOTX token, you can connect IoT devices to the IoTeX network. IOTX coin holders can participate in the IoTeX network’s governance team by staking and voting, thereby creating and shaping the future of the network. Anyone who owns IOTX can deposit it to earn voting power, which enables users to cast votes and help govern the IoTeX ecosystem. By voting, users can also earn up to 10% of the total amount they stake.

Why is IoTeX so popular?

Before diving into the list of our fave IOTX influencers, let’s figure out why IoTeX is so popular and what makes IoTeX so unique and special.

While most blockchain networks are built atop the foundation of already-existing blockchains like Ethereum, IoTeX’s blockchain network is built from scratch, from its IoT middleware to the unique Roll-DPoS consensus it utilizes.

Another thing that makes IoTeX unique is its approach to creating real decentralization on its blockchain. Typically, today’s IoT devices and the data they collect are controlled by private or public organizations. In order to access the services of IoT devices, users often have no choice but to give businesses consent to use their data.

The IoTeX blockchain envisions a future where smart device users have control over their data. Given its impressive potential, it is not surprising why IoTeX has a huge following on social media.

Who are our fave 6 IOTX influencers?


Qevan.eth is one of IoTeX co-founders, which means that he has the most extensive knowledge about the project and its ecosystem. Qevan shares interesting info about the project and its latest achievements.


Jing Sun is also a co-founder of IoTeX. She is also a builder for Web3 and MachineFi. Jing is a core member of the IoTeX team, that is why she has an incredibly deep understanding of the project and all of its initiatives. In her Twitter, she covers all news related to IoTeX. You won’t find dozens of tweets a day in her blog, she posts not very often but always highly important and interesting info which is worthy of every IOTX investor’s attention.


IoTeX has its own official Twitter account. That is the place for those who want to know all the latest updates of IoTeX: essential facts and news of the ecosystem work.


One more news channel is a IoTeX Ecosystem Updates twitter channel with more than 37K followers. It’s an unofficial page, but very popular and active among the IoTeX community. There you can find news and updates related to the IoTeX ecosystem and its partners: all the information considering system updates, new partners, achievements, use cases – all in all the whole info pack that any IOTX investor could need.


Raullen Chai is another co-founder of IoTeX. He has worked as a Cryptography Research Scientist at UWaterloo and Security Engineering Lead at Google. Raullen shares his personal thoughts due to the crypto market and blockchain industry, crypto news and of course IoTeX. Taking into account his rich experience in that sphere, his channel will be interesting to a person with experience in the crypto industry as well as to a beginner who is just starting his crypto journey.


That one will be interesting especially for developers. There you can find the latest IoTeX code releases, DApps, tools, and all things tech. Sometimes IoTeX Developers host AMA sessions where anyone who wants can ask questions concerning IoTeX development and related subjects.


IoTeX has an amazing growing community and many great influencers. We haven’t mentioned even one tenth of them. CoinRabbit contributes to the advancement of IoTeX and offers solutions for taking loans using IOTX

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