How to use crypto loans in e-commerce?

Let’s say there is something expensive you’d like to buy right now. If you are holding cryptocurrency and don’t plan to sell, trade or exchange it…, because there’s a bull run going on right now, and your assets can significantly grow in price soon. Taking a crypto loan is a solution — you don’t spend your cryptocurrency but make the maximum profit of it today. 

We send you the loan in Tether (USDT ERC20 and USDT TRC20) or USDC. You can withdraw and swap it to fiat and buy something offline or with a card, but you can also spend it on the e-commerce platforms that accept cryptocurrency.

In this article, we’ll show how shopping with cryptocurrencies online is better than the traditional way of doing it, and we’ll demonstrate where you can spend crypto loan and how.

The history of crypto and e-commerce

When cryptocurrency emerged in 2009, everyone was skeptical about it. But in the next few years, the most enthusiastic store owners have embraced a cryptocurrency payment method, and the industry started to rise. It’s been over 10 years by now — many e-shops still see more cons than pros in accepting digital coins. If you shop with cryptocurrency today, you’re still one of the first enthusiasts worldwide to adopt this new kind of money. Congratulations! 

One of the first crypto payment processing platforms, BitPay, has emerged in 2011. Others have also started to arise, and who do you think would be one of the first companies to accept cryptocurrency as payment — maybe large online marketplaces? No, in 2013, Virgin Galactic started accepting Bitcoin for intergalactic travel! 

In 2014, Microsoft has announced the launching of Bitcoin payments, and this is where a relatively mass adoption started to rise. The same year, the national Latvian airBaltic flag carrier was the firstone of its kind to start accepting cryptocurrency. Later on, Lush handmade cosmetics, Starbucks coffee, and Tesla followed. In 2018, BitPay has already reported having processed $1 billion in transactions.

While you still can’t pay with Bitcoin on Amazon and AliExpress, some renowned payment processing companies are starting to adopt crypto. Since 2021, millions of PayPal users can buy, sell, or hold BTC, ETH, BCH, and LTC inside the app. 

Today, there are convenient solutions for merchants to start accepting cryptocurrency on basically any website — be that an OpenCart-based store or a custom-made website. One of these solutions is NOWPayments, an e-commerce Bitcoin payment provider. For a 0.5% fee, merchants get a tool to organize all transactions, track them in one place, and accept over 70 crypto assets. As a non-custodial service, NOWPayments doesn’t store funds and passes them from a buyer’s wallet right into the merchant’s one. 

Perks of crypto shopping

  1. Guaranteed high speed of payments. Bank transfers usually take seconds, but sometimes big lags occur — especially in the case of remittances. You never know if the payment will go fast or take days. In crypto, if you set a good transaction fee, you are 99.99% guaranteed that the payment in cryptocurrency will lend to the receiver’s wallet in minutes or even seconds. 
  2. No middlemen. If you send money abroad, you’re at risk that your funds will get stuck in the intermediary banks. In cryptocurrency, there are no third parties, and the speed of payment delivery is the same for any part of the world. 
  3. Crypto payments are discreet. Bitcoin is not completely anonymous, but if you don’t want your banking and identificational data to be revealed by a merchant or anyone else, use crypto instead of fiat money. Privacy coins like Monero or ZCash will help you stay anonymous.
  4. Payment delivery public check. You can see on the blockchain whether your payment has been delivered to the merchant. With banks, there is no such publicly verifiable data. 

How to pay with crypto online?

There is less difference in how to pay in cryptocurrency from a regular fiat payment than one could imagine. Once you’ve collected things in your cart, head on to checkout, fill in the regular fields such as address and so on, and choose to pay with cryptocurrency. You will be given a wallet address where you’ll be asked to send your coins. Go to your crypto wallet to do this, and hurry up — the time may be limited. 

In many cases, you will be offered a QR code to scan from your mobile phone. Do so, and this will bring you into your crypto wallet with all the details of the payment (currency, amount, and address) already filled in. Simply tap the button to send the coins. 

What online shops accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Here’s the list of shopping sites and e-commerce crypto stores where you can pay in crypto.

Online marketplaces: 

  • Thousands of merchants worldwide based on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Ecwid crypto e-commerce platforms,
  • Etsy — clothing, shoes, homeware, toys, and much more,
  • Rakuten, a Tokyo-based e-commerce platform that operates worldwide.


  • Overstock, American online retailer for all kinds of goods for home,
  • Home Depot, the largest hardware store chain in the United States.


  • Lush homemade cosmetics brand.

Hardware and software: 

  • Newegg electronic retail company,
  • Microsoft — pay for Xbox Live, Skype, or OneDrive.


  • Expedia, the online travel agency,
  •, a blockchain-based booking service,
  •  airBaltic airline company with flights across Europe.

How can I get my crypto loan?

  1. Go to CoinRabbit. Use the calculator to estimate how much you’d like to get. Choose the currency and set the sum. 
  2. Authorize with your mobile phone number and set your payout address for getting USDT or USDC. 
  3. Send us the collateral, and in a few minutes, you will have your loan. 

That’s it! No KYC, no credit checks, no paperwork. Go shop with your crypto loan, and come back to repay it whenever you want. Literally whenever: in a month, a year, or 5 years — the loan period is not limited. 

The yearly interest that we charge is 5%. Keep track of it on CoinRabbit — sign in with your mobile number and see how much you’d have to pay to return your loan. There are no monthly payments — you pay the whole sum when you come back to return your coins. 

How should I spend my crypto loan on the Internet?

Find a crypto store that accepts it, and you’re ready to go. Check out the stores that we provided above, or maybe you’ve already found a platform where you wanted to spend your loan. You can also check if a store where you usually buy things or a new one that you find nice accepts cryptocurrency. 

Make sure you go shopping with Bitcoin to a store that has a good reputation. It’s impossible to dispute the crypto payments and there are no chargebacks for them, hence all issues you will have to solve only with the merchant. 

Hope this guide on e-commerce cryptocurrency stores was helpful. As you can see, e-commerce and blockchain are closely tied now, and further on, more and more cryptocurrency e-commerce stores and crypto online stores will appear. 

We wish you safe and pleasant shopping with cryptocurrency! 

Not financial advice. Do your own research and take everything moderate.

Crypto backed loans have their own risks that should be taken respectively.

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