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Ever since blockchain technology gained momentum, investors and average users were very concerned about the ecological side of the crypto world. Sometimes it still takes an enormous amount of electricity to mine crypto coins, however a lot of eco-friendly projects have emerged recently, and about one of them we are going to talk about in this article. 

Nano cryptocurrency has truly overtaken the hearts of many crypto investors. It has some awesome features that make it one of the fastest, most secure, and fee-less blockchains on the market besides being one of the first eco-friendly cryptocurrencies. Nano (XNO) had two rebrandings already, which means that the coin is constantly evolving and improving its technologies for the sake of its community and believers. 

CoinRabbit has been supporting XNO as a collateral option for almost a year already, and it is always a great pleasure to work hand in hand with its wonderful professional team! Let’s not waste another minute and pursue to the main topic of Nano rebranding.

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What is Nano?


Firstly, we should start our article by introducing our dear friend Nano. 

Nano – a peer-to-peer open-source high-speed decentralized cryptocurrency with zero fees, which was created in October 2015 by Colin LeMahieu, who is a software engineer by profession. 

But it wasn’t always like that. In 2018 a company conducted a rebranding project, which gave the world Nano itself, previously known as RaiBlocks with XRB ticker. Immediately after that Binance and OKX (another rebranding: it was OKEx until 18 January 2022) added Nano to their services, opening a vast number of new opportunities for the coin. 

Another interesting thing is that Nano has a limited supply of 133 248 297.20 XNO, which are all in circulation already. The coin is fully diluted. Besides, Nano is also highly decentralized, and well distributed, with the vast majority of Nano accounts holding less than Ӿ100.

Nano key features

Let’s look closely at the most important XNO features that make it so unique:

  1. As it was already mentioned, XNO is truly an eco-friendly coin since it doesn’t require mining at all as well as minting or printing. Another fact should be included here: Nano uses the ORV system (Open Representative Voting) in order for its holders to vote for the representative that they choose and who then work to confirm transaction blocks 100% securely. Nano itself calls it a “block lattice” technology. For comparison: other platforms typically use proof-of-work (PoW) in combination with a massive mining network to achieve consensus.
Zero fee
  1. Transactions fees. They are zero. Yes, XNO is a completely fee-less coin made to ameliorate investors’ experience by all means. Since the aim of the blockchain is to encourage the maximum number of people to use it, the transaction fees are minimal. 
  2. Speed. XNO is said to make instant transactions, which is a huge perk for any crypto coin. In fact, they were designed exactly for this purpose: to conquer the long waiting time for approvals of credit cards/banks themselves. 

A combination of all these distinctive features makes XNO one of the most reliable and fast crypto on the market with multiple use cases, that is why we love it unconditionally! 

Nano use cases

What’s the point of holding any coin if you don’t know how to use it? With all the XNO perks it should be one of the most used cryptos in the world. 

One of them should be international transfers. Due to the fact that XNO transfers take around 1 second, it really simplifies all the operations, even between different continents. At the same time, traditional bank transfers often take 1-5 business days to arrive, so the conclusion is quite obvious. 

The recent agenda has clearly shown that more and more companies are concerned about their eco-awareness. Another reason why XNO should be widely used is that it doesn’t do any possible harm to the ecology of the Earth. This is why by accepting XNO as their payment option companies can support the “green” movement and stop causing continuous harm to the world. 

Pay with nano coin

Besides, you as an individual can pay for clothes, supplies, travel, toys, electric vehicles, and many-many more with XNO. Isn’t it the future that we all opt for? 

If you ever heard about getting crypto for gaming, XNO is ready to support you here also. Amazing options for Web, PC, iOS, and Android games. 

All in all, we love all use cases since they really make sense and we believe that XNO should be widely accepted by enterprises and individuals due to its scalability and universality. 

Big rebranding of 2021

All updates in a nutshell

Of course, the most noticeable change is the ticker. From now on it will be XNO with a special Unicode currency symbol Ӿ. As the Nano core team states itself: “​​Our new Nano currency symbol is constructed of the Latin letter capital X and the equals sign (=), with each diagonal line representing the send and receive part of a Nano transaction, together forming a universal X and a double horizontal line representing the altruistic foundation of the network”. 


The CoinRabbit team welcomes the new XNO ticker with all the respect and love that we have for our friends, as do many other crypto platforms!

Besides, this change was not the only one. Nano is ready to present its Nano Hub – a place where everyone will be able to find all the information about wallets, merchants, trading, gaming, faucets, charities, and many more connected to Nano. 

Another big improvement that the Nano Foundation has launched is a new website look – fresh and bright, like the new XNO ticker. What changed? First of all, all the use cases can be seen right after you get to the homepage, which is very convenient for all new users. Secondly, a “Try Nano” page now exists to make everything clearer, and many more changes to explore on the official website!

One more technical release involves V23.0 Follis. These updates, using the simplest words, are done to help set the foundation for future improvements across many areas of the node coming in 2022. 

Autocoincars buy with XNO

Big news for the car-lovers: you can now buy an automobile (in the UK) with your XNO. This deal is possible due to the partnership with the car-dealership marketplace, AutoCoinCars

Among other things that are worth to be mentioned, Nano has a lot of real-world community initiatives, such as a tree-planting campaign or a “Cryptocurrencies and Introduction to Nano” talk in India. All these events mean that Nano is not only willing to say big words out loud, but also to take actions. The CoinRabbit team is very proud to have a responsible and caring supporter in the face of Nano!

New horizons for all

Given the fact everything above-stated, it’s quite clear what these changes are aimed at. First of all, the Nano Foundation cares about transparency and ease for all its clients as well as business partners. 

What we personally love about Nano is its constant will to update, plus the fact that the core team is not afraid to take risks for the sake of future success of the whole project. Tell us your thoughts on how else can CoinRabbit support Nano in any channel and maybe your idea will be the one that we will adopt! Nano x CoinRabbit has always been a mutually beneficial partnership that we are planning to expand and support our friends in all forthcoming endeavors.

For those who have missed another way of XNO adoption, we’ve wonderful news: you can use XNO as a collateral option to take out a crypto loan. To make this happen visit CoinRabbit XNO special page

Wondering why you might need this crypto loan at all? We have some use cases for you:

  1. Buy even more XNO! Since NANO reached its $37.62 All-Time-High on Jan 02, 2018 (4 years ago), the asset has a huge potential and room for growth. All the foundation updates show that the team is focused on long-term development, and it seems to us that buying the XNO dip is a great way to earn money.
  2. Spend some amount on useful or urgent things in real life.
  3. If you want to buy some other cryptocurrency, but do not have spare funds for it, you can do it through loans without selling your favorite XNO. Diversification is also important.

CoinRabbit values and adheres to the main distinctive features of XNO, and therefore XNO loans are very fast and without any commissions

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Final Thoughts

To sum up, Nano has had a really interesting and fruitful year! CoinRabbit strives to see XNO in full operation and unlock its true potential via our crypto loans. Besides, what a pleasure it is to watch our friends grow and evolve every month, come up with interesting solutions and new use cases. You can always join the Nano family by clicking the “Join Nano” button or take a look at our XNO page on CoinRabbit by hitting the “Click on me” button. 

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