Savings Account

Earn Daily Interest
On Your Stablecoins

Grow your passive income without any risks

Withdraw anytime with all the interest gained


Top-tier security,Cold wallet storage


Partial or full withdrawal


from $100



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Calculate your crypto yield

In 1 year you will have 5% APY
In 1 year you will have 5% APY

With compound interest accruing on a daily basis, your annual percentage yield will reach this value.


Earn Term

Crypto deposit

You are able to withdraw your deposit anytime you want.


Your monthly reward

how to deposit cryptocurrency

Rewards are calculated daily, so you can track your potential profit. Interest rewards paid out every day from the start day of investment.

Supported Stablecoins and Interests

Start earning interest on crypto assets.
Get them back at any time.

How to start earning interest on crypto

We make it simple for you to make profit with CoinRabbit

Send your deposit

Use your wallet to send deposit amount to the provided unique address via scanning qr-code or copying address. Process will take ~5-10 minutes while our system will check the legitimacy of the funds received.

Day by day profit

Earn APY on a daily basis, increase your deposit amount anytime to increase your earnings

Withdraw anytime

Withdraw your funds anytime. You can choose between whole or partial withdrawal at any convenient time after making your deposit

Win against volatility without risks

Crypto savings account allows you to avoid the risks completely, especially when the crypto market looks uncertain or volatility has significantly increased. No matter the crypto market movement, crypto deposits allow you to earn steadily.

Unlike trading cryptocurrencies, crypto deposits do not require you being a cryptocurrency expert. The funds are not frozen for a certain amount of time and are available for withdrawal anytime.

The whole process is as easy as that: open a deposit and start earning exactly that day. Finally, while working quite similarly with traditional banking deposits crypto deposits provide you with significantly higher rates.

What you should know about crypto savings account and deposits

Why earn on Stablecoins?IconPlus
  1. Fast
  2. Fixed rates
  3. Unlimited timeframes
  4. Secure
  5. Withdraw available anytime
What can I do to start earning interest on cryptocurrency?IconPlus

In order to start earning only a few steps are required:

  • Choose your deposit amount and a type of stablecoin you would like to deposit;
  • Confirm your phone number in order to access the dashboard later;
  • Confirm and send your deposit;
  • Start earning.

Increase your deposit whenever you want to increase your potential gains. The deposits have no timeframes. Only you decide when to deactivate it and withdraw the funds.

How does CoinRabbit keep my crypto safe?IconPlus

We use a system of cold wallets for our services. These wallets are not used in any internal operations and can only be accessed by a few employees exclusively from our office via exact closed VPNs. They should approve any interaction with these wallets before it happens. Every transaction should be approved by several core team members, or it will be terminated. Our risk-control system checks all the balances and transactions every second and also terminates all the transactions if anything is inaccurate. It provides us with an additional security layer against hacking attacks.

How quickly can I make a deposit? How long will it take to get back my deposit?IconPlus

It takes us around 5 minutes to receive your deposit. During this time funds are being checked by our processing provider and pass the AML security layer.

The process of getting your deposit back usually takes under 10 minutes and is also very fast.

How is your interest rate calculated?IconPlus

Your interest is credited to your savings account on a daily basis. To calculate the interest on your savings account, we use the continuous interest rate:

  1. Continuous interest rate = ln(1 + APY)


  1. If your deposit is 100,000 USDT and the Annual Percentage Yield is 10% then in 1 year you will have = 100000 USDT * e ^ Continuous interest rate = 110,000.00 USDT
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