Best Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet
 to Borrow, Lend & Swap

Looking for a secure wallet to buy and store BTC? Manage your Bitcoin savings and more than 240 other coins and tokens in one place.

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How to get a BTC wallet

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    Sign up to a CoinRabbit account.

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    Add Bitcoin (BTC) to your wallet.

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    Access wallet features like store, swap, lend, borrow and more.

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CoinRabbit is a crypto platform for everyone

Simple and safe solution for all your needs.

Store Bitcoin safely

Keep your Bitcoin safe. Your data remains private – no verification required.

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Earn while holding

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Get rewards by putting your crypto assets to work. Open a saving account and start to earn on your crypto today.

Lend, borrow, swap and more

Convert more than 240+ cryptocurrencies seamlessly to BTC. Get a loan against your BTC effortlessly without credit checks. Access features like swap and more.

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Easy asset management

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Take control of your crypto. Avoid complicated steps and deposit Bitcoin directly to your wallet from exchanges like Binance and Coinbase.

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The safety of our users' funds is a priority for us. CoinRabbit uses its own custody solution for transactions and storage.

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All users' assets and reserves keep on top-tier security cold wallets. That allows us to provide the maximum degree of protection for users' funds.

A BTC Wallet Worth Relying On

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Your Crypto. In Your Control.

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240+ Available Cryptocuurencies.

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24/7 Live Customer Support.

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Get special offers for our lending program

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Get your secure BTC (Bitcoin) wallet right now

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BTC (Bitcoin)

Get your secure wallet right now

How to get a crypto wallet?
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It's simple. With CoinRabbit, you can create a multi-currency wallet in just a few easy steps. Just log in or sign up for your CoinRabbit account, and that's it! There are more than 50 cryptocurrencies available, including BTC or ETH wallets, with new assets being added everyday.

How to set up a crypto wallet?
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To set up your CoinRabbit wallet, log in to your account and choose the "Wallets" tab on the right menu. There, you will see your wallets and available balances. If you want to add new currencies, simply click on the "Manage wallets" button and choose your preferred currencies.

How to move crypto from Coinbase or another exchange to your wallet?
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If your funds are on an exchange such as Coinbase or Binance, log in to your account. From there, click on the "Send/Receive" button and copy the address provided by CoinRabbit (to get the address, just click on the "Receive" button in the CoinRabbit Wallet, enter the preferred amount, and get a unique address). The funds should appear on your CoinRabbit wallet dashboard after a few moments.

What is a crypto wallet?
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A crypto wallet is like a digital bank account specifically designed for storing and managing your cryptocurrencies. It securely stores your private keys, which are essentially the passwords to access your crypto assets. With CoinRabbit, you can easily store, send, and receive multiple currencies all in one place. Plus, with our advanced security features and user-friendly interface, you can have peace of mind while managing your investments.

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