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Doge Loan Calculator


The loan-to-value ratio is the related difference between the loan amount and the current market value of the collateral. The higher the LTV, the more loan funds you will receive, but at the same time the margin call will be higher.


Loan Term

Borrow Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The loan term depends only on your wish to buy your collateral back and close this loan or on reaching the liquidation limit.


Monthly Interest

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Interest rate is accrued every month from the moment of getting the loan and is paid at the moment of full or partial repayment of the loan

20%% APR

How to Lend Doge

We make it easy to get and manage your crypto loan.

Calculate your crypto loan

Set up your loan using Doge as a collateral option, then confirm it with your phone number as the main contact channel and your payout stablecoin address where you’d like to receive your funds.

Get crypto loan within minutes

Send us the collateral and we will send you the loan amount onyour payout address without any delays and additional checks.

Start spending

Use your loan as long as you want. We will just draw your attention on the rate of your collateral currency in time.

Get back your Doge

At any moment you can pay your collateral back. To do this, you need to pay the full price of Repayment, and when we get it, we return your collateral.

What is a Doge Loan?

A doge loan is a loan taken out in the form of Stablecoins such as USDT and USDC with Dogecoin as collateral. There are different reasons why you may need to take out a doge loan. Although there are several solutions on the internet, it isn't easy to find the right doge lending partner for you. For many websites, a certain amount of collateral will be required before you can participate in doge lending and borrowing. At CoinRabbit, there are several crypto loan options available.

Why take a Doge loan?

There are several reasons people choose to take crypto loans. Although Dogecoin doesn't top the list among cryptos in terms of market cap, the coin offers exciting investment opportunities for crypto investors. Here are some reasons why you should take doge loans.

Crypto Hedging

This is an excellent way for crypto investors to basically capitalize on their crypto investments by maximizing their profits while keeping their risks low. Investors make gains from Dogecoin and other digital currencies through a process known as short selling.

More accessible and Faster to Receive the Loan

Today, some websites are dedicated to smoothening the process of acquiring doge loans. In essence, it is much easier and faster to acquire a doge loan than to file for a loan application in your favorite local bank.

Saves on Tax

Although crypto transactions are taxable, it is possible to minimize taxes by using cryptocurrencies as collateral in your doge lending platform. Again, HODLing crypto for 12 months will qualify it for capital gain tax rates.

Zero to Minimal Risks as a result of price volatility

Taking doge loans allows you to minimize risks. With the current trends, it is evident that almost all cryptocurrencies are increasing in value. Therefore investors can venture into doge loans to HODL and wait for the coin’s value to increase.

Doge loan advantages at CoinRabbit

CoinRabbit platform offers several incentives for its users, making it one of the most trusted and efficient doge loans platform today. Despite that it's a young company, CoinRabbit is growing exponentially and has managed to offer many people crypto loans.

As much as you can get doge loans, you can also use Dogecoin as collateral for your loans on CoinRabbit.

Early adopters of CoinRabbit enjoy a variety of benefits. Below are some of them.

- Low-Interest rates on your loans

- Extremely secure platform with extraordinary security for collateral storage

- Short loan processing time/waiting time

- Unlimited loan terms

- Unlimited loan amounts

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What you should know

How does Doge lending work?IconPlus

Doge lending on CoinRabbit is a simple and easy step-by-step process that only takes a few minutes of your time. Once you select the amount of DOGE you want to have as collateral, you can choose either to receive your loan in USDT or USDC.

How does Doge lending work on CoinRabbit?IconPlus

Doge loans on CoinRabbit are straightforward. Once you access the CoinRabbit website, you need to play around with the loan calculator on the homepage, depending on the amount of loan you need.

What if the collateral’s currency rate changes after I get a Doge loan?IconPlus

The crypto market is highly volatile. However, CoinRabbit pledges to conduct business fairly with all clients. Despite the price volatility, CoinRabbit offers loan agreements based on the current exchange rates. Repayment of doge loans and interest is made based on the initial rate.

How to loan Doge?IconPlus

CoinRabbit has made it easy to take crypto loans. Currently, Doge loans are the more recent, although the platform has promised to incorporate even more crypto loans. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to loan doge.

  • Log on to CoinRabbit’s website and access the loan calculator.
  • Select the type of collateral you want to use; in this case, select DOGE.
  • Confirm your phone number and Wallet Address for either USDT or USDC
  • Send the Collateral amount of DOGE that allows you to access the amount of Stablecoin you need as a doge loan
  • Wait patiently for your loan to be processed.
How quickly can I get a Doge loan? How quickly will you refund me the collateral?IconPlus

On the CoinRabbit’s platform, the loan requests are processed in a reasonably fast manner. Also, you can easily track your loan as it is being processed until you receive it. Usually, the platform checks to verify if all the information you provided is correct and then disburse your loan. In general, the process takes a few minutes, but it is undoubtedly faster than local loans from the banks.

Similarly, once the loan has been repaid, the collateral is processed almost instantly. Just as fast as the loan is processed. Also, you have the chance to track the entire process of collateral refund.

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